Steven Densham to Debut in Nostalgia Funny Car at the Rockabilly Rod Reunion in Las Vegas

Steven Densham, son of veteran NHRA Nitro Funny Car driver Gary Densham, resumes his racing career after earning Nostalgia Funny Car license at Sacramento Raceway.

Online PR News – 28-May-2010 – – Steven Densham, the 28-year-old son of NHRA Nitro Funny Car team owner and driver, Gary Densham, will make his Nostalgia Funny Car debut this weekend at the annual Rockabilly Rod Reunion at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. After earning his license at Sacramento Raceway on April 22nd, Steven will take over the driving duties of his father’s Chevrolet Camaro Nostalgia Funny Car that dons a paint scheme that replicates the originally themed “Teachers’ Pet” Dodge Challenger.

Steven, however, is not new to racing down a drag strip. He began driving junior dragsters at nine years old and gradually progressed through the age brackets culminating with his final year of racing junior dragsters at age 15. After a five year break, Steven resumed racing in the California Independent Funny Car Association (CIFCA) for the next few years. He graduated from quarter-mile times of 7.50 seconds at 185 miles per hour (MPH) to a 6.80 second quarter-mile at 200 MPH. He concluded this period of racing in a Top Alcohol Funny Car that ran 6.30 second quarter-miles at 220 MPH.

Four years have passed and Steven returns to the sport in yet another car that runs even faster than his previous. While the Nostalgia Funny Car has seen its best time this year at 6.01 seconds (quarter-mile) at 230 MPH, Steven expects that the car will easily see five second times in Las Vegas.

The Densham Motorsports Nostalgia Funny Car carries history and a legacy of his father’s journey as a racer. While Steven can visualize himself, one day, driving the team Nitro Funny Car, he still finds much interest in the Nostalgia race cars. “I would like to drive the Nostalgia Car for a couple of years, but when there is room in the budget, I’ll get a chance to drive the big car (Nitro Funny Car) with Dad in a two-car team. I don’t know if I would stay in the big car or not, I want a chance to see if I do, but I really like the Nostalgia Cars and think that there is a market for them,” says Steven.

Debuting at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s Rockabilly Rod Reunion event, May 28-30, Steven is looking to establish his own Densham identity. “The ‘new’ Nostalgia Car paint scheme replicates the old Teachers’ Pet car because it was a car that ran during that time and it was one of my dad’s cars. I think that the branding is good with the name and the symbol of the apple, but that is the symbol of my dad’s. I look forward to carving out my own name.” However, the apple may also become a longer lasting symbol than first anticipated. As the son of two retired school teachers, Steven, an engineering graduate is now also pursuing a career in teaching.

While the determining factor within all of racing is team budgets, Steven is definitive on two race dates during the remainder of the 2010 season. The first is in Las Vegas and the latter being at the Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, Californina, October 15-17. Steven concludes, “The rest of the races we may attend with the Nostalgia Car are all being played by ear at this point. I believe that the Nostalgia Series has a great potential to be built up with sponsors and within the media as well.”