Dynamic New Australian Writer Makes It onto Amazon Best Sellers List.

New Australian novelist and author, Drew Lindsay has released a series of eBooks which currently dominate the Amazon Best Sellers List for Australian and Oceanian Drama.

Online PR News – 20-May-2013 – Sydney, Australia 17 May 2013 – In 2011, Drew was unjustly forced out of his successful and longstanding career in national corporate fraud management. It seems he ruffled the feathers of some senior management individuals who were not comfortable with his internal investigations. He decided to turn his hand to writing, a passion which he held for many years. He struggled to re-build an almost lost art and find a publisher interested in his work. When publishers and agents ignored him, he decided to self publish via the internet. By publishing novels this way, Drew has captured the attention of tens of thousands of readers worldwide within a period of less than 2 years and his reader base is rapidly expanding. The majority of readers love his stories of Australia, and of course the main character, ex police detective Ben Hood.

His latest novel “Treasure” is set in Port Macquarie on the NSW north coast of Australia. It’s a story of the desperate search for an ancient wreck which contains millions of dollars worth of stolen gold and opium. A wreck diver goes missing. People involved in any way with this wreck are stalked and attacked. Some are killed. Corruption in high places is rife. VIP protection operative, Ben Hood is sent to Port Macquarie to undertake an assignment which has deadly consequences. “Treasure” reached number 1 on the Amazon best seller list for Australian and Oceanian Drama within two weeks of its release.

Although “Treasure” is a work of fiction, it challenges the Australian Historic Shipwrecks Act of 1976. This piece of bureaucratic legislation automatically declares any shipwreck older than 75 years to be of ‘historic significance’, allowing authorised government representatives to confront the SCUBA diver who found such wreck, with police and search warrants to back them up if necessary, and demand he/she hand over anything from that wreck, under the threat of prosecution involving fines and/or imprisonment if they don’t comply. The diver is left with little or no rights to salvage or compensation for their efforts in finding that long lost wreck. As a result, many divers are keeping their wreck findings secret as they know as soon as the government is aware of any shipwreck find over 75 years old, they will immediately clamp a restriction on divers attempting to go anywhere near that wreck.

“Treasure” is the 9th novel in the popular Ben Hood Thriller series. All novels in the series are stand alone stories and are set in picturesque locations around Australia. Other books include Coral Sea Affair, Black Mountain Affair, Flesh Traders, The Dead Woman’s House, The Men’s Club, The Dark Affair, An Explosive Affair and A Lost Lady.

“Treasure” and all other Drew Lindsay novels are available in electronic format from all good eReaders worldwide.

About Drew Lindsay

Drew Lindsay is an Australian Novelist and Writer. His background includes working as a Policeman and detective, then managing his own private investigation business as well as working in Fraud Investigation Management positions. Drew is a PADI Divemaster and holds a private pilot's license. He has a great love of entertaining others with his vivid imagination. His novels allow the reader to escape into worlds of romance, excitement, humour and fast paced adventure. Drew lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife.

For more information about Drew Lindsay go to his website www.drew-lindsay.com or his Facebook page www.facebook.com/drew-lindsay-author