Love My Pets GPS Works With Local Sheriff Office To Outfit K9 Unit With GPS Dog Collars

The GPS fitted dog collar is sure to provide the special forces K9 unit with peace of mind. These collars are part of a GPS pet tracking system that can almost instantly locate a dog. The Love My Pets GPS Dog collars were chosen from among many popular brand name units and are currently used by the Sheriff Department of Brevard County Florida to protect their Special Forces k9 unit Dogs. A full list of pet safety products can be found at

Online PR News – 27-May-2010 – – Love My Pets GPS LLC is pleased to announce its partnership with the Brevard County Sheriff Department. The Department was interested in a gps dog collar for their special forces K9 units. "These Dogs are highly trained, very expensive and are very valuable to the Police Force. Having the ability to track one of our K9 team members at night even within homes was critical". The Love My Pets GPS units are one of the smallest GPS Pet Tracking devices available and have the highest traceability available. The dog gps device can even locate a lost pet within a home or even under a bridge. These devices can locate a pet quickly and the pet can be tracked via an internet website or Smart-Phone application.

In sophisticated GPS devices such as the Love My Pets GPS units the location of the dog can be tracked every five seconds. This way you can see the current location of your dog (s). Some devices even provide dog’s current status. Now you can easily check what your dog is doing and where it is located. Invisible fences can be applied to some Pet GPS systems that will alert the owner via a SMS Text to their phone when your pet leaves a predefined area.

Some high-sensitivity GPS collars, like Love My Pets GPS Pet Safety Collars can track a dog’s location and position even in a very dense cover, inside a home or even under a bridge.

with current events such as the flooding in the southern united states such as Tennessee our GPS Dog locator proves its reliability and usefulness. Losing a pet can be a devastating loss being proactive and having the ability to find our pet quickly is priceless.

Here Are Some Of The Factors That Need To Be Considered Before Making The Purchase:

1) Accuracy and Dependability: It is essential that your pet tracking device gives accurate locations of the dog. For domestic use approximate accuracy may be enough.
2) Reflectivity: A reflective dog collar comes in handy. This is basically a glow in the dark dog collar that also reflects light as used by many search and rescue providers. Such collars make your dog more visible and protect your pet from harm.
3) Battery: Such GPS pet locator systems are powered by electricity. So the battery life is important. In case of a domestic dog it can be of less importance. But if you take your dog away from home on expeditions, the battery life is crucial. Love My Pets GPS Pet Safety Devices provide industry leading battery life.
4) Weight: It is essential that you consider the weight of the GPS dog collar before making the purchase as your dog will have to wear it around its neck.

Lovemypets GPS Pet Safety GPS Dog Collars proactively pinpoints your pet’s location with the use of state-of-the-art GPS technology including an online service. Allowing you to locate your pet via the website and map instantly. Apart from this, the glow-in-the-dark and reflective elements of the free collar will enhance your pets overall safety after the sun sets and darkness sets in. Even inside your home at night, tripping or falling over your pet will be reduced due to the glow-in-the-dark properties of the collars and harnesses, making your pet more visible. If you are thus looking for a device that will within seconds, indicate your pet’s position on a GPS map as well as track the direction your pet is moving, is rugged and proven by active duty Special Forces K9 Units then the Love My Pets GPS Pet Safety Device is one is definitely for you!

Mary Ann McNutt, PR and Marketing for Love My Pets GPS LLC also stated, "with current events such as the flooding in the southern united states such as Tennessee our GPS Dog locator proves its reliability and usefulness. Losing a pet can be a devastating loss, being proactive and having the ability to find our pet quickly is priceless." She continued, "many pet owners are misled to believe that a Dog Microchip will locate their pet. It wont. Microchips can identify your pet when the pet is found and brought to a vet. Our GPS Pet Tracker can locate and identify your pet almost instantly".

ALL Love My Pets GPS safety products including the glow dog collar are made from only the highest quality materials on the market. The products special fluorescent material is bonded to polyester and requires absolutely no charging or batteries whatsoever and glows for 12 hours plus! These products are perfect for stay at home pets, service dogs that assist the blind or elderly and of course special forces K9's that work in police or military establishments. is a website that offers an online shop for all you pet tracking and pet safety needs. Some of the best deals on pet products are available here. With the GPS Dog Collar starting at only $129.95 it is the best priced and most effective Pet GPS available. Other products such as the reflective and glow-in-the-dark dog collars or harnesses and unique one of a kind products with pet safety in mind. These collars are priced starting at only $12.95. A small price for protection of your beloved pet.

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