Prominent Paranormal Researchers to Guest on Twin Talk at World Talk Radio

Dr. Robert Van de Castle and Guy Playfair, will guest on Twin Talk on May 28 and June 4. Dr. Mercy Runyan, host and identical twin, will interview these prominent writers and researchers live on two Fridays at 11am ET live on World Talk Radio.

Online PR News – 28-May-2010 – – Phoenix, AZ- May 26, 2010 — World Talk Radio has announced that two experts in the paranormal, Dr. Robert Van de Castle and Guy Playfair, will guest on Twin Talk on May 28 and June 4. Dr. Mercy Runyan, host and identical twin, will interview these prominent writers and researchers live on two Fridays at 11am ET live at Listen later in the WTR archives or on i-tunes. Dr. Mercy is available through

The guest on May 28, Dr. Robert Van de Castle has been studying dreams for over 40 years. With Calvin Hall PhD, the most prominent dream researcher in the world for several decades, he co-authored The Content Analysis of Dreams in 1966. The content analysis method pioneered in this book has become the standard approach to objective dream research. Dr. Van de Castle served as the Director of the Sleep and Dream Research Laboratory at the University of Virginia Medical Center and was an experimental telepathy dreaming subject at the University of Virginia, the University of Wyoming, and the Maimonides Hospital Dream Laboratory in Brooklyn. His own book Our Dreaming Mind (1994) has been used in many college courses and enjoyed great popularity through Book of the Month Club and Quality Paperbacks. The Hall-Van de Castle coding scales, that provide normative dream content from 500 male and 500 female dreams, were used by Dr. Mercy to study the dreams of identical twins. The significant findings from her research on twin dreams will be presented during the program.

The June 4 guest, Guy Playfair is a world-renowned expert in psychic phenomena and has spent years researching case examples of twin telepathy for his seminal book Twin Telepathy (2002, 2008). His most recent book New Clothes for Old Souls - Worldwide Evidence for Reincarnation was published in 2006. Mr. Playfair joined the Society for Psychical Research in 1974, became a member of its Council in 2004 and contributes to the journal. In this program, Playfair will discuss his firm belief in the reality of twin psychic abilities including mental and dream telepathy. He will report the circumstances under which twin telepathy works best and provide powerful examples of this frequently reported and well documented experience. Playfair will discuss the continuing breach between rigorous scientific methods and paranormal documentation. He will also elaborate on the Big Five of psychic abilities: telepathy, precognition, remote viewing, telekinesis and spiritual healing in relation to twins.

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