Planet Antares Inc. Offers Some Helpful Advice to Entrepreneurs

The information provided by Planet Antares gives all distributors easy steps on how to make their business successful and how to avoid being caught by any scam they may encounter.

Online PR News – 27-May-2010 – – CULVER CITY, CA -- Planet Antares, Inc., a 23-year-old leader in vending machine sales and a time-tested system to thousands of distributors worldwide, has opened its immense vault of knowledge to offer their expert advice on the vending business and how to avoid any potential scams vendors may face.

The information provided by planet antares gives all distributors easy steps on how to make their business successful and how to avoid being caught by any scam they may encounter. Planet Antares is offering this advice to all vendors in addition to their distributors as a free training opportunity.

In a series of articles, Planet Antares has outlined better business tips and scam alerts that have been attempted on unsuspecting vendors. The tips suggested, as part of planet antares scam alerts, are what the company feels as the best ways to protect one from becoming a victim and how to get the most out of their vending business. The first of these tips in the series was the advice outlined below.

As an entrepreneur working in or considering the vending business, it is recommended that you consider the following guidelines.

1. Always buy brand new machines manufactured from reputed manufacturers. Don't get taken by used or refurbished vending machine resellers. Old, used and refurbished equipment could result in hefty repair costs.
2. Do your research and discover a highly profitable location. Beware of 'not so profitable' locations selling out at high prices from shady locators for hire. If you are unsure of where to place your equipment and you are a Planet Antares distributor, you should get in touch with your coach, who will guide you to find the best location for your business at no cost to you.
3. Don’t sit on unprofitable locations. If you find a location and it is not producing the income you expect then relocate the machine.
4. Always buy products in bulk. Buying products in bulk typically results in cheaper pricing and better profit margins.
5. Stock reputable brand name products. Brand name products are always a hit among customers.
6. Remember, its what they like not what you like. Consider stocking products according to location. Product selection should be based on customers' profiles and what they like.
7. Work smarter not harder. If you have multiple vending machines at different locations plan your route accordingly to prevent your vending machines from going 'out of stock'.
8. Upkeep is key. Service your vending machine regularly.
9. Keep it clean. Keep the vending machine hygienic, clean and presentable.
10. Listen to your customers. Seek and implement customers' feedback to improve your services.

For more information and tips please visit the Planet Antares Scam Alerts website as well as the planet antares scam alert video.

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Planet Antares, Inc., has been manufacturing vending machines since 1987. Over that period of time, Planet Antares has provided one of the finest and technologically advanced vending machines in the industry. Planet Antares is dedicated to helping and guiding vending operators in establishing their own businesses.

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