Metro Detroit Company Releases Video that Solves New Mystery

The nature of a new Michigan business has left many a bit bewildered. As a result, the company releases two videos on YouTube to clear up the confusion.

Online PR News – 27-May-2010 – – Metro Detroit Company, based Downriver, and launched early this year has caused quite a controversy. According to its founder, "Whenever we explain our mission, we often get a mixed reaction. Some curl up their faces in disbelief, many exhale with excitement, while others appear completely dumbfounded."

Mi Local Perks, pronounced, 'my local perks' is a shopping rewards network and Michigan business directory aimed at connecting businesses to consumers. "When we convey to both business owners and shoppers that our main goal is to reward customers for patronizing local Michigan establishments, we get a positive response overall, but many think it's just too good to be true."

With the conflicting reactions to this company's mission, just last week they released two videos on YouTube, designed to inform, educate and dispel any uncertainties that may exist. "These videos answer a lot of common questions and help both customers and business owners understand what we're all about."

Mi Local Perks contends that it is more than a Michigan shopping guide with Detroit area coupons. There are three levels of annual membership that may be utilized. Each level offers a varying degree of amenities and benefits, the most important being that of a point value. Patrons who shop at the businesses within the shopping network can earn 15, 30 or 45 points per transaction. These points quickly accumulate and can be redeemed for gift cards to major chains like Target, Walmart, Meijer, Starbucks and more. When asked why the 'rewards' given are to such large conglomerates, the founder responded, "Essentially, we are utilizing the notoriety of a well known brand, such as Walmart, to draw customers to small local businesses, since shopping at these is required to earn the points necessary for the rewards."

As the new kid on the block and a member of both the Downriver and Detroit Business Association (DADBA) and the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber (SWCRC), their fresh face has been making the rounds in local community events. However, proper introductions can take time and every newbie has dues to pay.

"Business owners can easily become complacent, especially when they are used to doing things one way. It can create quite a stir when an innovative, but different idea appears that can change the status quo. It's sometimes difficult to uproot deeply entrenched traditions when it comes to advertising, marketing and certain business practices."

Recently, Mi Local Perks was an exhibitor at the Business and Life Styles Expo presented by the SWCRC at the Benjamin Yack Arena in Wyandotte. During this event, many local businesses, who were not able to be there, were being represented and promoted through marketing materials and fun give-a-ways sponsored by the Mi Local Perks shopping rewards program. One business owner and member of Mi Local Perks, Theodore (Teddy) Washington III, proprietor of 'Cakes by Teddy', was invited to share the event booth free of charge. "When I received the invitation to promote my business at such a prestigious 3-day event, I was excited and grateful. I couldn't believe that since I was listed with Mi Local Perks, I would receive such personalized treatment. The patrons were excited about earning points for shopping with me. I connected with several new potential clients, many of whom have already placed an order. I was impressed with the way Mi Local Perks supported the businesses listed with them. It's as if they are personally invested in each and every one of us."

The founder concluded by saying, "In addition to the rewards program, companies who join Mi Local Perks must offer at least one special or discount, which causes shoppers to feel that they are getting even more for their money. This program works to build lasting relationships between businesses and their consumer market--right from the start."

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