Author Seeks to Help Christians Battle Growing Sexual Sin Problem

Author Seun Israel, who battled his own addictions with pornography and masturbation, has written a book in which he reveals how the Holy Spirit helped him overcome his sexual addictions and draw closer to God.

Online PR News – 13-May-2013 – Lagos, Nigeria – Lagos, Nigeria - Sexual sin has quickly become the “dirty little secret” of the Christian community.
While few may want to talk about it, statistics indicate that sexual sin and sexual addiction, including porn addiction, masturbation addiction, sex before marriage and adultery, are real problems for Christians today.
For example:
• 47% of Christian families admit to having a pornography problem, according to Family and Safe Media
• 50% of Christian men struggle with pornography addiction, a poll conducted by revealed.
• 54% of pastors admitted to viewing internet porn in the last year and 30% admitted to accessing such sites within the past month, according to
• 88% of unmarried young adults (ages 18-29) are having premarital sex, while 80% of unmarried Christian young adults have had sex and of this 80%, 64% had sex within the last year while 42% were in sexual relationships, a study conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy indicated
Author Seun Israel, who battled his own addictions with pornography and masturbation, decided that something must be done to stem the growing tide of sexual sin among Christians so he wrote a book detailing his own experiences and offering tips and advice for others looking to achieve long-lasting victory over sexual sin.
In “Sexual Battles: Experiencing Lasting Victory Over Sexual Sin,” Israel reveals how anyone can take steps of faith out of a life of sexual sin and perversion and into a life of holiness and right-standing with God.
“I’ve battled these debilitating issues myself and I understand what it takes to achieve lasting victory over them,” Israel said. “It was my goal in writing this book to motivate and inspire others because the truth is anyone, no matter how many times they’ve failed in the past or how bad things have gotten, can gain true and lasting victory over sexual sin.”
In the book, Israel says his own struggle with sexual addiction continued until one day the Holy Spirit said to him, “I will teach you how to overcome sexual sin.”
“Until that moment, I had no idea of what I was really fighting,” Israel said. “In the world today, so many people engaged in sexual battles are fighting something they know nothing about, just like I was. How can anyone expect to win a battle when they don’t know their enemy, and have no idea what weapon to use?”
Israel says he wrote “Sexual Battles” to share with others what the Holy Spirit taught him about overcoming sexual addictions.
“These are teachings that are firmly rooted in the Word of God,” Israel said.
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