Dosh Delivery continues to build upon their reputation as a responsible lender.

Dosh Delivery, the well know UK lender, is adding good advice and responsible lending practises to the information they provide customers.

Online PR News – 13-May-2013 – London – Millions of people in the UK are suffering from terrible financial difficulties, many of them in serious debt that they are struggling to repay. This situation can happen for many reason, most of them are not the fault of the person in debt. They can suffer a period of unemployment or ill-health, or family relationships may break-down which can put a strain on already fragile finances. Whatever the reason, when debt creeps up, it does not take long for it to grow and get out of control if you do not take action to deal with it carefully and properly.

Dosh Delivery, the respected UK lender are making sure that people who are in debt or having serious financial difficulties that require a longer term solution, seek proper financial advice prior to borrowing short term cash or entering into a loan to pay for existing debts.

Payday loans are short term cash advances for people who are employed, earning a regular wage and who can afford to repay the loan amount in FULL upon their next wage day. For those people who are not sure if they can afford a short term loan, they are being strongly advised not to consider payday loans as an option to deal with debt or existing financial worries. The advice is clear, that in the long run, borrowing money to pay existing debts will simply increase the problem, not address it.

Dosh Delivery are understanding in their approach to this situation which can be difficult for customers to deal with. They understand it’s easy to feel stressed and panicked in these difficult financial situations. When individuals are under pressure from companies to pay the money they owe them and they are unsure of how to do this, it can be tempting to try and borrow even more money to keep their creditors quiet.

There are many excellent organisations like Citizen’s Advice and other reputable debt counsellors who can advise and help anyone who is struggling to deal with their debt in an affordable, manageable way which will steadily reduce the amount they owe, not increase it.

Advice for enquires from those already in debt is to first thing is to stay calm, not panic and calculate exactly what their financial position is. Information and links are provided for those who may need to speak to a professional debt advisor about their options.

For those borrowers who genuinely need a cash advance on their regular wage, for unexpected emergency reasons, the company are offering short term payday loans which can be a very useful and stress free method of accessing credit. Since Payday loans can be applied for and paid out within the same day, in some cases, within hours it is a good solution for many of the company’s satisfied customers. It is an option that is readily considered by borrowers who are sure they can afford to repay their loan in full on their next payday.

The company reports that customers who have used their payday loans and spoken to customer services, say that they have found the process informative, easy, simple and without difficulty. They appreciated being able to access credit and emergency cash without the lengthy process that many banks insist upon and valued the sensible advice and information they were offered regarding debt.

The company says that borrowers who use payday loans as short term stop gaps until their wages are in the bank are the people who get the best from these types of loans.

Their overall advice however, is clear; they suggest individuals always think very carefully about using a short term cash advance if they are considering using it to repay other debts that urgently need to be dealt with.

Ultimately, a person’s finances are their own and how they choose to deal with their money is a matter of personal choice. However,DoshDelivery are keen to help provide the best information and advice possible. They say, whenever considering any type of borrowing, we always advise that people consider their options very carefully and look at all the ways to deal with their financial difficulties before they opt for borrowing short term loans.