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Online PR News – 13-May-2013 – CA – For a limited time we are offering a special on Pentex Race sailcloth and Kevlar Mylar sailcloth. These light weight race cloths will be offered at regular Dacron sailprices. This is available now on a first come first serve basis until special purchase sailcloth is sold.

This is an excellent opportunity to get some race sails at First-rate prices. The cloth is generally suited for vessels less than 28 feet (8.5m) and/or lighter headsails for larger vessels.

On racing sails we prefer luff, leech, and foot measurements.The specification for measuring luff, leech, and foot measurements is "sail edge to sail edge pulled to normal sailing tensions" or you may supply a drawing similar to the image at the right.

Kevlar, an aramid Fiber also known as Twaron Reinforced Monofilm in sailcloth, is stronger, has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel, and has a modulus that is five times greater than PET Dacron), and about twice as high as PEN (Pentex). Kevlar, along with other aramid fibers, have poor UV resistance (Kevlar loses strength roughly twice as quickly in sunlight as Dacron) and has rapid loss of strength with flexing, folding and flogging. Minimal flogging and careful handling can greatly extend the life of a Kevlar sail. Our Twaron is clear film reinforced with Aramid X-Ply and 0° Fiber PEN

PEN fiber(Pentex)
PEN (Polyethylene naphthalate), commonly known by Honeywell's trade name "Pentex", is another kind of polyester Fiber. It stretches more than Kevlar but less than Dacron. Because of the manufacturing process, Pentex cannot be woven as tightly as Dacron; thus, Pentex Fibers must be impregnated with resin. This makes sails prone to damage from improper use and handling. Pentex is a laminated sailcloth. It is a good choice race sailcloth with better life than Kevlar, it stretches a little bit more but also lasts longer and has a better hand. Our Pentex is 100% PEN Construction with a 35° X-Ply and Light-White UV Screen.

*Full Batten Mainsails*
If you require full battens for your sail please visit batten-supply.com.

Sail Measurements
We also can provide a quote based on I, J, P, E measurements. Fareastsails’ vessel database is extensive and in most cases we can locate standard vessel measurements.

Please note that these measurements are normally good for quoting. If ordering sails we may require more detailed measurements.

Fareastsails recommends taking and recording accurate measurements in order to receive proper sails for your vessel.
Spinnaker and Code 0 Sails

It is a good time of the year to order Symmetrical Spinnakers, Asymmetrical Spinnakers (Gennakers), and Code 0 sails. These sails are simple to order and the correct size is based on vessels "I" and "J" measurement.

When you order a spinnaker or Code 0 we draw the sail and number the panels. When you get the Sail Drawing you can then indicate each panel 1,2,3 red and 4,5,6, Blue etc. If you wish, our design department will send you a colored drawing after you select your colors. We offer performance spinnakers in 1.5 oz and .75 oz cloth.