Royal Express: Spring is the Time for Light & Romantic Hidden Object Games

Hidden Object Adventure is coming soon on iPad. This light detective game offers you make a favor to a royal family and prevent a political scandal.

Online PR News – 13-May-2013 – Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine – It has long been observed that games are season-specific, and it concerns not only holidays like Christmas, Easter or Halloween. Spring is in the air and dark mystery games give place to romantic and family hidden object adventures. Royal Express, the upcoming mobile release of Absolutist ltd. is just in tune.

As a detective of the local police department you are summoned to investigate a delicate case before scandal erupts. The next morning after the royal engagement ceremony the diamond ring disappears. The crime was committed in the personal coach of Princess Sophia, as she was going back to her country with her suite. Now you have to work against the time and crack the case before the information leaks into
the press, that can put the future marriage at stake.

The setting of the game makes reference to classic detectives by Agatha Christie, in which the investigator acts in closed location with a few bright characters. Everyone is under suspicion and seems to have motives. You will have to scour the compartments of the royal coach in search for clues, examine the witnesses, crack passwords and many more to solve the mystery. Your tablet in the bottom left will help you track the tasks, note down the evidence and make visual calls.

On the whole Royal Express features 8 puzzles and mini-games and 11 hidden object scenes. This relaxing detective game with a touch of romance will have you involved for a couple of hours. So, be ready to become an unknown hero of big policy this May.

The game will be available in the middle of May by the following links.