Instamod Service Group Announces Affiliate Programs

Instamod Service Group, the Nation's premier provider of pre-populated loan modificaiton request submission packages, has announced an affiliate program to allow resellers the opportunity to earn revenue by using Instamod's PerfectMOD technology

Online PR News – 29-July-2009 – – July 30, 2009 -- Irvine CA - Instamod Service Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the roll-out of two Affiliate Earnings programs to promote its Do-It-Yourself loan modification Request Submission Package engine called PerfectMOD.

This self-service web-based software system allows homeowners to create their own Loan Modification Packages easily and instantly, which they can then print, sign and submit to their lender.

"This is the first such product of its kind," says CEO, Scottie Sharpe. "Our system is unique in that it helps both homeowners AND banks/lenders with the tedious, but necessary process of loan modifications."

The Affiliate Program allows attorneys, loan modification firms, and other entrepreneurs to profit in this expanding industry by selling a non-regulated product that requires no user interaction from an Affiliate's staff. Delievered to affiliates as a web-based module, the Instamod product can be attached to an Affiliate's existing web site or it can be provided as a stand-alone site. The product can be rolled out flexibly; it can be hosted under an Affiliate's existing domain name, or the Affiliate may choose to host it under a new name. It uses the Affiliate's credit card merchant account to process orders. All revenue is deposited directly into the Affiliate's bank account. Instamod charges a flat transaction fee for the service. Because Affiliate's set their own retail price for the product, they can balance their profit against their marketing costs and demographics. At $399 retail price, 1000 units earns an Affiliate $349,050.00.

For Affiliates already involved in mortgage modifications, automated packages provide a great downsell opportunity. Instead of turning away sales, because an Affiliate has no product to sell in a prospect's price range, the Affiliate can offer an Automated Packages product which is a low dollar product and fairly easy to sell.

By helping homeowners create their own professionally prepared, complete and legible Request Packages, Instamod hopes help homeowners AND lenders work together to "Get America Back On Track To Financial Stability".

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