Butchers Equipment Warehouse Discusses The Rise of the Haute Barbecue and its Positive Repercussions

Haute cuisine and barbecue grilling are often thought to be polar opposites in the world of food preparation.

Online PR News – 10-May-2013 – Blackburn,Lancashire – Haute cuisine and barbecue grilling are often thought to be polar opposites in the world of food preparation. One requires the skills of chefs trained for many years in the kitchens of the world’s finest establishments and the other often simply involves one man armed with only a spatula and a quickly warming beer. However, more and more ‘grill artists’ are eschewing the traditional ‘burger n baps’ approach for a more considered style that is benefitting many of the artisan markets.

Rather than investing in a box of 12 burgers frozen to within an inch of their lives by a multinational conglomerate; the modern barbecue aficionado is becoming more and more likely to invest in high quality butcher knives to lovingly prepare the large joint of beef that they have heavily invested in. Farm shops and local butchers are benefitting from this greater ambition as their client base become more and more likely to invest in prime venison than a measly chicken drumstick. This is a great boon for smaller industries and suppliers that have taken a hit in the double dip recession.

Butcher equipment suppliers are enjoying as much of a renaissance as the butcher’s themselves with both professional and amateur meat production teams increasing their usage and investment. Increasing understanding of the importance of food hygiene and safety has made high quality commercial butcher blocks even more popular and increased their prudency in purchase. Whilst a poor workman blames his tools, there is an understanding that a butcher requires high quality equipment.

Haute cuisine concentrates heavily on finding alternative and unique ways to prepare dishes. The barbecue has become something of an heir apparent in regards to alternative cooking techniques. Dishes such as hot chilli beef are traditional prepared on a hob cooker, but a smoky flavour can be attached to the meal when crafting it on a barbecue. Using a butcher mincer to mince fresh meat, chillies and onions; the mixture can be placed within foil then cooked atop the barbecue.

The rising popularity of the haute barbecue is somewhat contradictory to many aspects of modern living. With the advent of smart phones and quicker internet, many sectors of our lives are becoming more convenient and less requiring of work. The barbecue harks back to the age of the hunter-gatherer and appeals to the primitive nature of man. The haute barbecue has found itself a small niche as the perfect partnership of modern, sophisticated living and the primitive lore of our ancestors.

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