New addition to the History Shorts ebook series: Edward III.

Sober Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce the addition of a third book to the History Shorts series. This book is again focussing on one of the Plantagenet kings, but this time it is the turn of Edward III, recognised as one of the longest serving Kings of England.

Online PR News – 13-May-2013 – London, England – Following on from the first two successful ebooks on History Shorts:Richard III and History Shorts:Wars of the Roses, the History Shorts ebook series continues to expand with the arrival of a new ebook on the subject of Edward III, one of the most important kings in English history.

Edward III was the 5th longest serving monarch of England, behind such greats as Queen Victoria and the current Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. His reign saw in the very first Speaker of the House in Parliament, suffered through the catastrophic effects of the Black Death and witnessed countless battles that formed the Hundred Years War with France.

Edward III is ultimately remembered as a great warrior, and fought numerous battles against France and Scotland to secure more land for England. His sons were also instrumental in securing victories for England, and fought alongside Edward III or in his name on the battlefields of France, Portugal and Castile.

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The History Shorts series has been created to enable people to find out about the key parts of history in quick concise ebooks. The publishers behind the series, Sober Solutions Ltd, are dedicated to helping people find out key information in short bursts and hopefully inspire readers to find out more.