Verdict reached on Jesus' wife papyrus fragment

Recent research sheds light on Egyptian fragment. The findings are decisive. Gratuitously, Jesus' marital status has been uncovered.

Online PR News – 13-May-2013 – May 10, 2013 Hellshire, St. Catherine – Verdict reached on the Jesus’ wife
papyrus fragment.

Recent research sheds light on ‘Egyptian’ fragment. The findings are decisive. Gratuitously, Jesus’ marital status has been uncovered.


Hellshire, St. Catherine, May 10, 2013 – The idea that Jesus was married during his earthly ministry to one of his female disciples, specifically to Mary Magdalene, has taken on renewed interest in recent times, sparked definitely by Dan Brown’s 2003 fiction novel, The Da Vinci Code, and also by the recent discovery of an ‘Egyptian’ papyrus fragment. Our research has surveyed all the available evidence that would impact Jesus’ marital status, in an effort to ascertain meaningful answers.

The release of the papyrus fragment sometime in 2012, which was nicknamed the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” by professor Karen Leigh King of Harvard University, has caused quite a stir in the public media. A verse from the fragment is understood by some persons to report a dialogue between Jesus and his disciples where he makes mention of a ‘wife’. Professor King has since made a presentation on the fragment at the International Congress of Coptic Studies in Rome, September 2012. The presentation has generated a myriad of responses from all over, including the Vatican, which along with others, have prematurely declared the ‘Egyptian’ fragment to be a forgery.

So far, the fragment is reported to be the property of a private collector. It is part of a Codex (i.e. a manuscript in book form) and is written in Sahidic Coptic (a primitive Egyptian language). To date, there is no consensus among scholars concerning the legitimacy of the fragment. So, the public awaits answers.

The book, The Marital Status of Jesus: What Does the Evidence Say" is the product of an evidence-based research seeking to provide answers to Jesus’ marital status especially in relation to the ‘Egyptian’ fragment. Many persons, Christians and non-Christian alike, are in limbo right now – they do not know what exactly to believe. This is where the findings, documented in the aforementioned book, become important.

The findings present us with the necessary detail to assist in reaching a verdict on the fragment, and a definite position concerning the marital status of Jesus. Quite likely the work is one of the first full-fledge effort in print.

The laity, clergy, scholars, as well as the wider public, who might be grappling with the idea of Jesus being a married man, should benefit from the findings since they are clear cut, informative, and easy to follow.

The book is available at (Tags: marital status of Jesus, Jesus’ wife, Jesus’ wife gospel, Jesus’ marriage, Jesus and Mary Magdalene), It is inexpensively priced. The book trailer (by the same name) will be available on YouTube, SkyDrive,, and Facebook soon. It is a must see.

Colin Aloysius Johnson (author) received a scholarship in the 1990’s from a prominent church body in the USA to pursue graduate studies in theology at the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, Kingston. He is the co-founder and co-director of the Berean Institute of Biblical Research, a nonprofit institution dedicated to evidence-based research among scholars. His focus is in New Testament studies and Church Growth ministries. To date, he has 16 other titles at various stages of completion. He is married with two children who are at primary and secondary school ages.

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