Online Retailer Offers New Customer Service Seal of Approval

Online retailer has begun a new certification program to identify businesses who are a cut above the competition in their customer service practices. Businesses can now apply for a Customer First! certification seal to verify third-party evaluation of their customer service practices, adding credibility to their business and website.

Online PR News – 29-July-2009 – –, a company specializing in liquid whole food supplementation, announced today that they are offering specialized customer service certification. This third-party seal is for businesses who desire to show the consumer they are the best choice among their competitors because of their customer service practices.

"We've been in business for years and realized from feedback that what set us apart from our competitors was our exceptional customer service," Carolyn Schlicher said. Schlicher is the owner of the website business along with her husband, Darryl. "Right off the bat, I can think of two or three times a customer called and told us we were the first company they were able to reach with a live person on the other end. They ended up ordering from us simply because we answered our phone. We are glad our practices have translated into sales, but it makes us even happier that our service allowed the products we sell be reflected in a better light." sells liquid whole food nutritional supplements produced by Life Force International in San Diego, CA. Life Force's signature product is Body Balance, a nutrient-dense liquid whole food supplement, but over the last 25 years Life Force has developed additional natural liquid supplementation and liquid homeopathy tinctures for mood and wellness. has represented Life Force International products since 2006.

"This isn't some fake certification that everyone who breathes can qualify for. We purposely made the application cover both basic customer service principles and more advanced practices. Further, the applicant must score a 91% or higher to be certified." Schlicher's passion for excellent customer service is shown as she detailed further, "I was doing some research about general business practices and realized that from the beginning we have served our customers with a Customer First, Us Second policy. I thought that other businesses who share that same conviction deserved recognition."

"I'm hoping that when visitors to any website see the "Customer First" certification, they will immediately know that they've found the right place to buy what they're looking for, and I'm hoping that businesses who want people to know their site support is exceptional will apply."

The certification is open to businesses from all sectors. The certification application can be accessed by clicking on the "Customer First!" logo located on the navigation bar at .