Former Front Vocalist Launches Own Jewelry Line

Samira creates her own line of custom jewelry for any occasion

Online PR News – 13-May-2013 – NEW YORK – Former front vocalist launches own jewelry line

Samira Ashley, former front vocalist of Vicio, realized while one dream was fading, another was coming into focus. With her unique style and passion for fashion, she created her own jewelry line, Richpoverty.

“I realized I have always had a passion for fashion,” said Ashley. “I had a unique flair for creating pieces such as making earrings out of measuring tape and leather. I was envisioning and creating fashion rather than following a trend.”

With pieces that go against the grain of fashion, Ashley hopes to inspire people to embrace their own uniqueness and create change throughout fashion.

“I hope to inspire the world to embrace that crazy unique child we each have deep inside,” Ashley says. “ As we get older we stop believing in our dreams and in the magic; I hope to awaken that child and inspire a new day where there’s a change in the fashion industry.”

Each piece is specially crafted to be as authentic and unique as the individual buyer.

“I chose the name ‘Richpoverty’ because my brand is designed around the concept that it shouldn't take a lot of money to look your best,” expressed Ashley. “I've had the chance to know what it's like to have it all and then have nothing at all, I’ve learned it takes a true fashionista to know how to be stylish with limited finances.”

Her inspirations for creating jewelry comes from her daily activities. “It can be from a scent to an argument or from a kiss to perfectly cooked filet Minot,” she laughed. No matter what her inspirations, she creates her work to help others feel beautiful in their own distinctive way.

About Richpoverty:
Richpoverty launched in April 2013. It can be found at Richpoverty will release its summer line, RIO this May.