Artist Patricia Ariel Launches Fundraising for Women-Focused Project

“Changing Woman” is about twenty-one art portraits for women's empowerment and awareness of women's issues.

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Everett, WA – Patricia Ariel is an Everett-based artist and illustrator. She has created images that have been licensed in several products and published and collected all over the world.

This project's goal is to tell twenty-one stories of “Changing Women” in form of art portraits. Patricia wants to create pieces portraying women from different backgrounds, that have struggled for acceptance and equality in the contemporary model of society. By showing women that, against all odds, have found their inner strength and thrived, the artist hopes to enhance their power and make of them models and a voice for all women that have struggled with the challenges to be themselves and embrace their own choices.

“Even with the advancement of human rights, there is still a lot to be done regarding to women's issues and empowerment,” said Patricia. “Our society still overlooks their needs and fails in providing them with the respect they deserve. Women still feel that their voices do not matter much, and they lack consistent, accessible role models to mirror themselves and say, 'hey, I can do it too!' I want to show that every one of them can be a valuable force towards the changes we want to see in our society.”

The “Changing Woman” is a myth of the` Navajo people, and represents the personification of the Earth, the seasons, and the cycles of life. Nothing more appropriate to represent woman’s strengths, their nurturing nature, but also their huge capacity to change themselves and the world around them.

The funds generated from this campaign will cover the costs of quality art supplies, and general expenses like professional scanning, printing, and framing, among others. The final artworks will be displayed in an art show and featured in a book. Proceeds from the sales of prints and books will support an organization for the protection of women.

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Patricia Ariel