Toronto Massage Therapist Reveals Startling Free Report About Chronic Pain Relief

Grand opening of new massage clinic, TORONTO, Ontario

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Toronto, Ontario – For public release, 5-10,2013, Toronto, Canada

A Toronto, Canada, Massage Therapist has just announced that she is making a breakthrough report available to those in pain, about her recent discoveries concerning chronic pain and the revolutionary progress one can make with massage therapy.

While many consider massage therapy a luxury, and not something that really helps serious pain, she begs to disagree. Lindsay Ann Tietz, employee at ESU massage, is a highly educated, licensed and degreed therapist.

The firm currently has a staff of 5 therapists. All their Registered Massage Therapists are members of the CMTO and fully licensed. They offer Swedish massage, and deep tissue massage.

The company is having a Grand Opening on May 11, 2013. Their new offices are located in downtown Toronto, convenient to many of their corporate clients, at 390 Bloor street west (Annex Toronto). The firm specializes in assisting corporate employees find relief from the stress of sitting at a computer all day (among other issues).

This has been the source of lots of medical issues for such employees.
Insurance coverage usually pays for the entire program. The firm is excited about offering a comprehensive massage therapy program that focuses on eliminating the cause of the pain, rather than just masking the pain temporarily.

Tietz was quoted as stating: “Massage is a serious profession and can help solve serious pain problems that the public is uneducated about. Many think all we do is relax people, or rub people. People aren't aware that massage can help to correct their chronic pain. I think a lot more people would opt for a massage if they knew were we educated to treat serious impairments.”

The free report mentioned is titled "The 30 Day Blueprint To Pain Relief - And How To Start” This free report comes with booking an appointment, and is a valuable resource for learning more about the healing qualities of massage therapy.

Those parties that are interested in learning more about the clinic, free report, or other items, are invited to visit the website at or phone them at 647 740 1556 to speak with a therapist.