Develops Vehicle Systems and Devices for Handicapped People
05/09/2013, a trusted designer and producer of custom battery chargers and designer of electronic products based in Indianapolis, Indiana, develop systems and devices to improve vehicles that severely handicapped people can drive.

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Indianapoli, Indiana – [INDIANAPOLIS, May 5, 2013] –, a trusted manufacturer of custom battery chargers and designer of electronic products based in Indianapolis, Indiana, develops systems to improve vehicles that disabled people can drive. This new project aims to design steering elements to ease the mobility of the handicapped. This endeavor includes the development of useful features to provide a digital control system to make handicapped vehicles more rider-friendly.
Steering System develops a steering technology that improves the braking and accelerating capability of handicapped vehicles. Handicapped people would be able to move on any direction at a pace they like. This enhanced accelerating and braking system lets the rider be in control of the vehicle, reducing the risk of accidents.
The company also creates sensory devices to make the vehicles more reactive to the environment. One of which is a position sensor, a device that determines the vehicle’s position toward other objects. The other device is a force sensor, which can detect any amount of pressure or force that hits the vehicle. These useful sensory devices can help disabled people move around safely without colliding with other objects.
Backup System
The project also includes the creation of a back-up power system and a “black box” recorder that would be useful in securing information during system failure. Handicapped people who are highly independent can find these support systems helpful.
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