WLCI: A professional college with a ‘Difference’…..

WLCI is a renowned college imparting professional education in Business Management, Fashion Technology and Advertising & Graphic Design.

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Noida – WLCI is a renowned college imparting professional education in Business Management, Fashion Technology and Advertising & Graphic Design. It is a unique college which has been successfully imparting high quality education for the past 17 years. The teaching methodology, the mentors, on-the-job-training are a few factors that make this college a unique and truly the best one among several colleges in India.

Read on to know more about why WLCI is a college with a difference.

Cutting edge skills: WLCI students are trained, equipped with skills that are required at the workplace and in life too. This training is imparted to every student irrespective of the chosen disciple in which students are encouraged to be responsible for their personal development, their career and their life. This training plays an important part in the all-round development of the student.

Mentorship: The mentorship at WLCI is excellence personified. The institute has the best faculty with several years of experience who are involved in a high quality teaching process. These mentors have been involved in the industry and are familiar with the requirements of the employers. Thus, their teaching method is quite relevant to the demands of the industry.

Industry-relevant course: WLCI is one such college which offers an industry-oriented course. Students get to study a professional course which is updated on a regular basis by the eminent members of Employers Council- an organization with strength of 300 members. The members are senior managers from the industry who represent some of the largest recruiters in the industry.

On-the-job training: The on-the-job training is a striking feature of the college which makes it stand apart from other institutes. WLCI is one-of-its-kind College which offers students the opportunity to work part-time and gain invaluable experience during their tenure at the college. The ‘Traineeship Advantage’ is a traineeship program that allows students to work part-time while they study their course at WLCI campus. These jobs are not limited to entry level sales or field job, but the training is relevant to one’s chosen profession. So, if you are a student of business management, fashion designing or graphic designing, you’ll be trained with a relevant organization and offered mid-level/senior jobs in top organizations. These organizations will train you and provide a real work experience. WLCI students work with top organizations as trainees. WLCI has partnered with top organizations such as HDFC Bank, Franklin Templeton, ICICI bank, Mudra Communications, Lintas Advertising, Crayons Advertising, Indiatimes.com and many more.

High rate of employability: WLCI students, who receive the training at WLCI, are given preference by employers. They have the relevant knowledge and are equipped with the preferred skills, have received training so are given preference over students of other institutes. WLCI placements are the best in the industry and its students get hired by the top organizations. WLCI students are working with Wipro, HDFC Bank, IBM, ITC Limited, Franklin Templeton, Bajaj Capital, Mudra Communications, Killer Jeans, Pantaloons and many more top companies.

The efforts of WLCI are praiseworthy that it has been able to maintain a consistent quality of education over the last 17 years. Truly, WLCI is a professional training college with a difference. Tune into this space for more differentials that make WLCI one of the best and unique professional colleges in the country.