Axiss Dental launches kid’s dental camp in Punjab

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Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Ludhiana, Punjab – Dental Problems are often linked to our lifestyle and oral hygiene. Given the fast lifestyle of this always-on-the-run generation, it is sometimes too difficult to avoid getting dental problems. But there has to be some way out.

There is very little awareness among masses about the importance of dental hygiene. Brushing twice a day is rare to most of the people. Flossing and cleaning tongue are still very strange concepts to a major chunk of population. Moreover, people do not usually visit dentists nor do they take their kids to them unless there is an unbearable pain or sensitivity or some other problem causing extreme discomfort. No one understands that oral hygiene and dental health are as important as other aspects of well-being.

Indeed our changing lifestyle, especially changing food habits have led to many dental problems. Junk food, sticky food and most importantly, snacks in-between meals have taken a toll on the dental health of Gen-X. Even school going children depend highly on fast food. We have become way too busier to eat healthy and maintain good oral habits. Isn’t it?

Well, there is very less one can do to control their kids, particularly their food habits. Though things can be changed, it may take a long time. However, the damage that has already been done needs immediate attention and medical help. Cavity in tooth if left untreated for long can turn into a deeper infection that may necessitate Root Canal treatment. Similarly, other problems if ignored for a long period can lead to severe infections that may require intensive treatment. Why trouble yourself when things can be easier just by being a little more proactive about your health. Kids often develop gap between teeth or crowding of teeth because of certain habits such as nail biting, thumb-sucking. This can also lead to caries, uneven bites and even periodontal problems in the long run.

It is very crucial to brush twice a day, avoid eating in-between meals, and maintain a good oral hygiene by regular flossing and tongue cleaning. The same habits should be nurtured in kids as well. Parents must ensure that their kids brush their teeth in the right manner and they should inculcate good eating habits in them right from the beginning. For at least 12 years, children should be supervised while brushing and be taught the right techniques. It is extremely important to take your child to a dentist every six months for regular check-ups and this should start when their first tooth emerges out.


AXISS DENTAL announces a special KIDS DENTAL CAMP in Jalandhar and Ludhiana till May 15.

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