First Ever Open Device Lab in the Chicago Area Helps Students, Developers Test Websites

Web design agency Ethercycle has opened their doors to students, entrepreneurs, and web developers who want to test their websites on Ethercycle's suite of mobile devices without having to buy the devices themselves.

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Park Ridge, IL – To help support the growth of Chicago's tech community, local web design startup Ethercycle has opened the city’s first Open Device Lab. An Open Device Lab is a shared pool of internet connected devices such as tablets and smartphones for use by web and app developers for testing.

As the ecosystem of browsers, operating systems, and devices becomes increasingly diverse, designers and developers are faced with the challenge of creating websites and applications that work consistently across thousands of possible device combinations. To lessen the burden of purchasing a suite of devices, there is a grassroots movement of Open Device Labs springing up across the globe.

“I had posted a photo on Twitter of the increasing collection of devices we were using, and someone commented that we should start an open device lab.” says Paul Reda, developer at Ethercycle. Reda is in charge of the device lab and helps guests get the most out of testing. "As testing across multiple devices became an increasingly demanding part of our workflow, we realized we needed to centralize and streamline the process. By opening the lab to the community, we've been able to meet some amazing people we might not have otherwise known."

The most groundbreaking business trend of the last year has been the landslide shift towards mobile. The sheer number of mobile devices in the world (over one billion iOS and Android devices) makes the case for the importance of mobile device testing. The Ethercycle Open Device Lab aims to help more websites meet the demands of the next generation of computing, and be more accessible to their users.

To book time at the open device lab, or to donate a device, please visit