Strategic alliance PackagingConnections and Paulmiger

We have successfully completed our survey on Artwork Designing and Management. The survey results clearly direct us that there is an urgent need of organized packaging artwork designing and management services.

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Gurgaon, Haryana – We have successfully completed our survey on Artwork Designing and Management. The survey results clearly direct us that there is an urgent need of organized packaging artwork designing and management services. The response came from across the globe through PackagingConnections’ readers.

Encouraged by this, PackagingConnections has done a strategic alliance with Paulmiger who are deep into organized artwork designing and management. PackagingConnections would combine it with their project management and key account management concept to make sure that customers get the best value for money.
The following services would be offered:
Conceptualisation and Design creation:
1. Identifying benchmark category & brand in the market
2. Creating 3 different design routes.
3. Copy/tagline is written based on the requirement
4. 3D mockups/prototypes (digital) are created.
5. Paper dummy if needed.
Variant Design:
1. Designing range of products. E.g. Packaging design for a bathing soap with different variants such as Jasmine, Rose, Sandal etc.
1. Different SKUs – ( 100g, 200g, 1kg, 5kg etc)
2. Same artwork adapting for bottle label, pouches, tubes etc
Artworking :
1. Once the master design is approved, a complete artwork is created with the actual Key Line Drawing.
2. Back panel info like ingredients, directions of use, PCRO panel, barcode, Mfg address, Mkd. by etc (whichever is applicable)
3. Quality check & proofreading of the artworks before sending for approval.
1. Creation of final high-resolution packshots/prototypes of the product.
Photo Shoot:
1. Product photo shoot for packaging design
2. Food photography
Artwork Release:
1. When artwork is finalized, high-resolution files are uploaded and a link is sent to client/vendor.
2. A CD along with color prints of final artwork are dispatched at the same time as a backup.
Technical Support:
1. File conversions in different formats for different vendors
2. Coordinating with vendors to sort out any issues/requirements regarding artwork files & printing
Artwork Management Services:
1. We have the capacity to deliver high volumes with accuracy that you require which will increase your productivity & profitability.
2. Currently we do 150 artworks per day with 98% accuracy. We can work cross platform and we have the expertise in all standard tools.
3. We have identified best practices for exceptional performance after a lot of trials & testing.
4. We provide comprehensive and customized Solutions with efficient workflow & a cost-effective global delivery.
5. Our services will save you time, lower operating costs and generate higher profits.
6. We have very strict QC policies and we do a regular audit of the process as well as the quality of work. In the audit if we see a scope to improve the workflow, we do it time to time.
7. We have a process in place which we follow for workflow management. Right from the time when job comes in up to delivery, we track every step.
8. We have the capacity to deliver high-volumes with accuracy & quick turnaround and reliability to complement your existing team and outside agencies.
9. We provide design services to clients in the U.S.A., Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and India.
How we do it:
• We have a team of skilled, well trained & experienced thinkers – each one of them an expert in what they do.
• Our web-based internal workflow system provides greater efficiency and helps in quick turnaround.
• Process driven workflow & resource management enables us to handle seasonal rise in volumes of work.
• Customized workflow & process depending upon need of the project.
• Continuous monitoring & audit of the work by key persons to ensure the quality.
What we can do for you:
We can provide a customized process, based on your needs. Our strategic partnership delivers following benefits to the clients:
• Industry Expertise & Experience
• Quick Turnaround
• Lower operational costs, generate higher profits and gain a competitive edge, without having to invest in-house.
• With the help of the process driven workflow & documentation we can meet the expected quality benchmark & on-time delivery without compromising the accuracy.
On this alliance, Mr Sandeep Goyal Founder & CEO Of PackagingConnections said that this alliance would raise the standard of artwork designing and management services through outsourcing method. This would also reduce the costs and would fasten the process. This is truly in line with PackagingConnections’ philosophy to improve the standards of packaging through consulting and outsourcing called PackagingKpo.
Ms Deepa Vaishampayan, CEO of Paulmiger said this strategic alliance will provide comprehensive solution of global standards with integrated services including packaging designs, artwork management in terms of good quality and fast turnaround. I am sure the clients will get world class professional services. Companies can focus on their core competencies by outsourcing the artworks management.