3DPageFlip.com Opens Discussion on Increasing Use of Electronic Textbooks

Digital publishing software from 3DPageFlip.com has been well-received by businesses and the public.

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – NY – Digital publishing software from 3DPageFlip.com has been well-received by businesses and the public. On Friday, the company discussed its use for creating electronic textbooks at its weekly meeting to discuss the applications of its flipbook software . Experts recently talked about how the electronic textbook will be used in the near future. The benefits of using one in a school are economical and environmental. Institutions save money on paper textbooks and supplies while avoiding the need to throw old editions away, which contribute to pollution.

Electronics such as computers, iPads, and more have made their way into the classroom. The results are more engaging ways for students to learn and for people to take advantage of distance education. While Amazon.com has taken to the e-book market by selling them at reasonable prices, school libraries and educational departments are looking at e-books more seriously than ever.

The trend is not limited to young students. Universities are establishing programs as well. The University of Buffalo Libraries program, started in the fall of 2012, made e-textbooks available to hundreds of students for free. Saving money on the students’ part, the program was intended to help boost grades at the same time. Many youngsters don’t get the books they need because they’re often too expensive. The program became open to disadvantaged students in the school’s Educational Opportunity Program this spring, showing its potential in the current economic and technological climate.

With e-textbooks becoming popular at the institutional level, 3DPageFlip.com is watching the trend carefully. Flipping e-books can feature all kinds of information, and educational content can be easily added. Multimedia functions such as adding videos, creating slide-shows, and embedding interactive content make the software a prime model for a textbook design system. Any e-book can be created cheaply and quickly. No publishing or graphics experience is necessary.

The ease of creating e-books opens the door to a less expensive and time-consuming process of making textbooks. With this, the company believes brochure flipbook maker software suited for electronic textbook design may not be too far away. There are numerous applications since students are often equipped with computers, iPads, and other devices on which e-books are read. Since students are already apt to use their devices, it only makes sense for them to study on them as well.

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