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Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Adelaide, Australia – The Small Business Industry just got its wake-up call: Business Turnarounds at latest innovation: 7 day Challenge Business Rescue DIY kit (

Adelaide, Australia — Trevi Lim has officially put the small business industry on notice: Business Turnaround is now faster, easier and more affordable than ever before.

Bucky Fuller had famously said, “The biggest failure in life is the failure to participate.” In other words, the greatest failure in life is the lack of action. As most successful business owners know, most results come from people taking massive actions. Hence, it is also the lack of actions that causes most businesses to fail. Well some business owners may disagree with that, they claim they are very busy in their business and yet their business is still failing. This is because their energy is focused on the wrong type of actions.

As Trevi Lim added, “Our membership site has gone the business consulting industry one better. Where most companies in this market charges astronomical rates for business consulting our DIY Business Turnaround solution in our membership provides affordable, step by step solution for business owners to get started on their business turnaround through our 7 day challenge. Business owners can get started with an unbelievable rate of $1.00.

Business Rescue had identified several key steps most important to failing business when it comes to business turnarounds.

As most businesses are failing due to lack of action, our 7 day challenge will help to steer them in the right direction
There is a common myth that as long as owners focus on the results, they should be able to attract the results they want. Unfortunately, this reality is far from the truth for most failing businesses. Hence, though our membership site, we have made the final result of our client’s business none of their business.
Instead we focus more on defining reality for our troubled clients. Through a system of challenges, we help bring our clients to the reality of their business. The first step of turning around any businesses is to generate awareness of how failing business owners are operating in their business.

These business turnaround steps are just part of an entire business strategy solution.

You can start by generating awareness in your business practices buy checking out some of the business mistakes I had made in the past in this video series: Common Business Mistakes made by Business Owners The video is available for immediate access at And to help as many people as possible, this video series is available now FREE of charge.

Trevi Lim has over 8 years of experience in small businesses. Business Rescue has been recognized by many small business owners circle for helping businesses during uncertain times and providing affordable DIY business turnaround solutions.

Trevi Lim owns over 15 multi-million dollar businesses Australia wide. Business Rescue is headquartered in Adelaide, Australia and has helped many businesses turnaround over the past many years. Here are some of the testimonials of Trevi’s work:

Trac H:

Trevi is very innovative and very forward thinking…some of his ideas can be interpreted as “radical”. However he always takes time to explain the reasoning for his strategies that makes them easy to implement.

Simply put….”if Trevi doesn’t know, it ain't worth knowing.”

I can honestly say that my life has been very enriched thanks to Trevi. I won’t be where I am right now without his help. He helped me conquer my self-limiting fears and grow in an environment that did not favour growth.

Luke C:

I’ve found Trevi’s mentoring to be of great benefit to both the stores and myself I’ve been involved with at that time. I find his technique of mentoring to be very well planned and easy to follow which make implementation at store level very simple and always effective. Your out of the box ideas are something I’ve really come to appreciate and have assisted in growing my professional skill set greatly.

Andy C:

I’ve learnt much more in the past 4 meetings than the last 4 years of my practicing life. Trevi is a great motivator and taught me many tricks of the trade. If I did not learn from Trevi, I will still be very lost in direction. I thank Trevi very much for his time and patience for teaching me things I probably will never learn if it wasn’t for him. I am very grateful especially for Trevi’s patience to break things down and explain things thoroughly to me. I would definitely recommend Trevi to all my peers for sure.

Business Rescue membership site will be launched officially on the 18th May 2013. Limited only for 3 days and to the first 200 customers, an irresistible package of over $2000 in retail value will be sold for a very small investment. Sign up at

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