Grownup Girlz Camp Hosts First All-Inclusive Women's Weekend Event

This affordable, all-inclusive women's weekend getaway is specifically designed to help busy women take time out for themselves and to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect.

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Chandler, AZ – Grownup Girlz Camp is excited to announce it is offering its first All-inclusive Women's Weekend Getaway event. The event will be held in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and will give women of all ages an opportunity to enjoy a fantastic weekend full of activities, new friends and plenty of fun.

Grownup Girlz Camp is a recently launched company that has a special and unique purpose; it hosts affordable, all-inclusive weekend getaways that are specifically designed for busy women. These Girlfriend Getaways allow all types of women to take a "joy break" from life and enjoy a relaxing weekend away from home with other ladies, all while enjoying a variety of fun, pre-arranged activities.

So often, busy women end up wearing many "hats" of responsibility during the course of their lives, from the wife hat, to the mommy hat, to the working woman hat. Women tend to take care of others first and it's rare for a woman and her friends to leave those "hats" at home and sneak away for a girlfriend getaway weekend, even though, one is sorely needed.

According to Parents magazine "Carving out time to spend with your gal pals is good for your health, your kids, and even your marriage!" This is where "Grownup Girlz Camp" comes in! Jill Drummond, the CJO (Chief Joy Officer) of Joy Envoy, and sponsor of Grownup Girlz Camp wanted to create something special for women that hearkened back to those carefree days of summer camp, when girls could go away, have a bunch of fun planned activities, and make new friends. She realized that the value of carefree girlfriend time doesn't stop in the teenage years, but becomes even more important throughout the course of a woman's life.

By offering an affordable, all-inclusive women's weekend getaway, Grownup Girlz Camp gives women a chance to re-create that carefree feeling of being away in camp, but designed for "grownup girls". Instead of camping outside in tents, the "campsite" is a beautiful hotel and the "cabins" are private suites. The "campers" enjoy activities such as belly dancing or self-defense instruction, jewelry making or scrap booking. This event is great for both women attending alone, since they will have the opportunity to meet other fun women in a happy and safe atmosphere and for a group of girlfriends who want to head out together, because they can share a suite to save money.

The weekend event is all-inclusive, meaning everyone can leave their wallets at home with their "hats." The hotel suite, three meals and all activities are included in the registration fee. The agenda begins Saturday afternoon and concludes Sunday afternoon with delicious fully catered meals and a line up of planned activities. However, there are no "musts" or "gottas" - just a whole lot of whatever strikes your fancy. The weekend is designed for each woman attending to have plenty of time to do exactly what she wants, she can choose to attend any part of the activities or just relax on her own, the option is hers.

Grownup Girlz Camp looks forward to hosting a variety of these events in cities all over the United States in the coming months and years, but is excited for the first event in Phoenix to kick off the festivities. Grownup Girlz Camp invites women ages 21-101 to visit the website and learn more about the weekend getaways being offered now and in the future