eBook-formatting.co.uk Launches Free Mini-eCourse to Help Authors Achieve Success in eBook Marketing

eBook-formatting.co.uk, a fast-growing eBook formatting and marketing website, releases its latest product; ‘eBook Marketing Mini-eCourse for Authors’ targeted at helping authors, established or new, and self-publishers reach their audience more easily.

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Vienne, France – www.ebook-formatting.co.uk is a website that offers mainly the service of formatting books into eBooks, such as Amazon Kindle or Smashwords. The website also renders useful help and advice on self-publishing books as eBook and paperback.

The website recently adds to its arsenal of eBook Formatting and Marketing resources a great – but free – ‘eBook Marketing Mini-eCourse for Authors’ that practically serves as one of the best guides for launching a successful marketing campaign for all kinds of eBooks, and all kinds of authors; established or new authors, or someone who would just like some great tips on how to market eBooks.

The eBook formatting website, www.ebook-formatting.co.uk, finally launched its much anticipated eCourse tagged ‘eBook Marketing Mini-eCourse for Authors’ in the month of April.

This mini-eCourse has enjoyed significant success in terms of reception and popularity, and the reason is not far-fetched; it doesn’t lack in the slightest extent in quality and value. This is clearly evidenced in the number of positive reviews the product keeps receiving from subscribers.

eBook Marketing consists of the strategies and tactics used to identify, create and maintain satisfying relationships with eBook customers (audience) that result in value for both the customer and the marketer.

It is so unfortunate that while thousands of eBook writers burn the midnight oil to achieve success in their mission, many fail to make it because they do not know how to market their eBooks.

This is a major problem to which ebook-formatting.co.uk attempts to offer a lasting solution, and in this light proffers some basic steps and tips to help writers get started with a quality marketing campaign.

The entirety of the eBook marketing mini-eCourse (and the bonuses) span over a series of Six (6) emails, which will be delivered to the subscriber once per week – at no cost.

This mini-eCourse takes the prospective self-marketing author through some of the ways to best market eBooks, such as:
• Websites / Blogs
• Email marketing
• Social media
• Reviews
• Promotions

Each ‘way’ is discussed and analysed as a distinct email full of lessons and useful tips (plus resources) to enable the participant experience a whole new reality in the aspect of eBook marketing.

"Like many self published authors I fell into the trap of thinking my work had finished the day I published on Kindle. The reality of course is that you need to keep energising and promoting your work if you want other people to find you and this e-course gives you the tools to do just that" said Anne Marshall, author of {Positive Thinking for Kids www.annemarshall.com}. "The scope of ideas covered was truly brilliant. Simple, practical and manageable. Each suggestion telling you what you need to know, why you need to know it and best of all how to put it all in practice."

The simple steps required to be a beneficiary of this rare opportunity is to first subscribe to the mini-eCourse at www.ebook-formatting.co.uk, and then ensure there is a safe place the emails can be kept so they can be referred back to when the need arises. The author, Jo Harrison, advises participants keep the eCourse in a separate email folder or “print them off and keep them altogether”.

“Jo is extremely knowledgeable on all matters relating to ebooks (and lots of other things as well). She is also extremely generous in sharing her knowledge and making it interesting and accessible even to technophobes like me. I have made a special folder to hold all her newsletters as I need to read them again. I am in the process of preparing a text for publication and Jo has already given me lots of good advice about self publishing…” Mary Dalgleish {www.head2toemassage.co.uk} stated.

eBook authors and marketers interested in joining or learning more about the ‘eBook Marketing Mini-eCourse for Authors’ can visit www.ebook-formatting.co.uk or contact the author via jo@ebook-formatting.co.uk.