MSys Works with Farcare to Expedite the Release of their Android Healthcare Application

MSys Technologies has automated the testing of Farcare’s Android healthcare application using MTAS (MSys Test Automation Solution) for Android, resulting in reduced testing time and effort, and increased customer ROI.

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Atlanta, Georgia – MSys Technologies has broken new ground with its foray into the field of mobile test automation with the test automation of Farcare’s Android healthcare application. Mobile devices have become a ubiquitous part of everyday life, and mobile applications have come a long way from their more primitive origins. MSys, in keeping with market trends, has added the MTAS Android Mobile Automation Solution to its repertoire of products and services.

The client, Farcare, is a global developer of cloud and mobile technology solutions which help medical caregivers connect with healthcare recipients through different interfaces. This avant-garde approach assists healthcare providers in planning, facilitating, and monitoring adherence through intelligent remote gathering of information, and also in the reporting of any progress or deviations.

The need for a faster time to market and the sensitivity involved in the healthcare domain meant that the client required a robust Test Automation tool to test their healthcare application. Another main requirement was ease of use in creating test cases and operating the tool for automation.

Some of the major challenges faced by the client were:

• Making sure the product can be used across multiple Android devices, irrespective of OS versions.
• Testing the product and rolling it out as fast as possible to stay at the vanguard of the healthcare applications market.
• Achieving the highest possible test coverage score by parallel execution on all Android devices and operating systems simultaneously.
• Verifying that the application is fully tested before release to Farcare’s client: a Telecom provider with millions of customers.

MSys came up with an effective solution for all these issues with the help of its Test Automation Product, MTAS Mobile Automation Solution. Its simple recording capability works on any Android device and OS. It is also the predominant tool in the market to run on parallel execution and can test multiple devices at a time.

“With a large section of the world population depending on their smartphones and tablet PCs to get things done today, it was the next logical step for us to upgrade our Test Automation Solution to match these burgeoning needs and take on greater challenges. MTAS for Android has successfully proven its mettle by testing efficiently and accurately across a big variety of Android devices and operating systems available in the present-day market.”

- Sanjay Sehgal, Chairman and CEO, MSys Technologies.

Using MTAS for Android, the client was able to develop test cases in a shorter period of time, reduce turnaround time, run test cases using Wi-Fi (thereby reducing the hassle of working with wired connections), and run tests on real Android devices without the need for rooting of devices. MTAS also provides more value-additions like performance metrics of the applications under test which allows QA personnel to monitor system performance including Battery, Memory and CPU utilization at any point during the testing process.

And Bigger, Better Results Followed:

• Multiple versions and updates were tested and delivered within schedule.
• Drastic cost reduction was achieved, translating to a better customer ROI.
• Maximizing automation coverage led to less downtime.
• Increased efficiency in terms of time taken to complete automation.
• Reduced manual intervention meant fewer errors and higher product quality.

“Farcare’s aim has always been to help people connect easily in a way that enables them to receive and provide the best possible healthcare, be it professional or domestic. MTAS for Android has helped us achieve our goals by saving both testing time and effort. Our healthcare application is on the way to helping millions of people, thanks to MSys.”

-Fariborz Farhan, CEO, Farcare.

Customer Return on Investment (ROI):

MTAS saved 12.3 man days for the Android Test Automation in single release, by bringing down the manual effort required for test automation from 160.1 hours to 61.3 hours. In effect, approximately 61.7% of manual effort has been reduced by automating the testing process with MTAS. Over the next few releases, we expect the time saving to be quite substantial.

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About the Client

Farcare is a pioneer in developing and using cloud and mobile technology to connect healthcare providers with healthcare recipients. Their applications are aimed at enabling healthcare providers to plan, facilitate, and monitor adherence through intelligent remote gathering of information and reporting any progress or deviations.

About MSys

MSys is an innovator in offering IT services and domain specific automation software. MSys together with its unparalleled focus and in-depth technical expertise delivers unprecedented value at an affordable cost in the areas of storage, servers, DR/BC, and virtualization. For more information, please visit