Redefines Hospitality With A Warm Welcome To Its Boutique Hotel Dehradun

Hotel Forest Avenue offers one of the finest dwelling places in the lap of the serene nature of Dehradun

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Dehradun, UT – India, Uttarakhand, Dehradun May 8, 2013 – Uttarakhand in India is quite famous as the most potential tourist destinations of this country. Residing in the laps of nature in the sub-Himalayan region, this exotic wonder attracts huge numbers of visitors every year to enjoy the serene beauty of the nature. The best way to enjoy the tranquil beauty of this state is to spend some time with it so as to get the full exposure to the weather, nature, the people and the culture. For this a visitor needs a comfort ambience, for staying in a decent hotel. The most promising one would be a boutique hotel in the hills and near the side of river Ganges that flows through this region. For all the lovers of luxury hotel in Dehradun (the capital city), many options are available in here. All one need is to find and compare the facilities that are available for lodging and boarding in a convenient access and in a hospitable atmosphere. With the development of eco-tourism and adventure sports corners, Dehradun, Mussoorie and other such regions have gained quite fame for tourism and excursions. This is where you can feel the tranquillity of the nature in the truest sense for sure!

While searching for hotels in Dehradun, one name that stands apart from the numerous other options is Hotel Forest Avenue. This boutique hotel in Dehradun is quite famous for its hospitality and overall care for its guests and visitors. Engulfing an honest vision to provide the best of the amenities for its guests, the Hotel Forest Avenue has calmly encored its living and dining facilities with a serene environment with Sal jungles and natural bliss of mountains within its view. The rooms of this hotel are lavishly designed with conceptual thematic representations that attract its guests with charm. With the rooms, the fine dining facilities with multi-cuisine restaurants, and hill-view facilities make this hotel a distinct hotel in Mussoorie road.

One can not only stay with a peaceful ambience while staying in this hotel, rather he can find every other essential requirement within easy reach while he chooses this hotel at Rajpur Road. Easy access to communication facilities, proximity to nearest bus stops and taxi stations, makes this hotel an amazing experience for the lovers of nature. As a positional advantage, this hotel near Max Hospital serves all specific needs of guests when they choose this beautiful hotel with qualified and well-trained staff. Not only the holidays goes great with this hotel, but it also offers a stay worth memorable for all those who visit Dehradun and plan to stay for a period.

Speaking about their classic boutique Hotel, a spokesperson from the Hotel Forest Avenue articulates, “We offer you the best hospitality that you can expect from any world-class hotel of this range. We have a well-trained team of dedicated staff at your disposal round the clock. We ensure that your stay remains pleasing and contented while you are with us. You can also see the reviews of our earlier guests through the most admired travel website Trip Advisor. We can ensure a contemplating satisfaction and a deeply rejuvenating experience while you stay in our boutique hotel Dehradun. We value your presence as an esteemed guest at our hotel. And we will do every possible attempt to make you feel relaxing while charging you quite reasonably for the facilities you honour.”

Hotel Forest Avenue offers one of the finest dwelling places in the lap of the serene nature of Dehradun. You can also catch this hotel through their online portal at to know them a little closure. Make sure to review the facilities and comfort before you plan to visit Uttarakhand!

Contact Information:
Hotel Forest Avenue
Malsi, Diversion Road,
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) INDIA
Telephone: +91-135-2735064, +91 8755903062