Help Your Child to Speak & Read from Young

WINK to LEARN Flashcard DVDs help your child to learn Chinese and learn English effectively and joyfully.

Online PR News – 04-March-2009 – – WINK to LEARN DVDs (Comes in English & Chinese) - Help your child to make friends with words.

flashcard methodology forms the basis of our DVD programs. Because it's proven, with more than 45 years of research, to work on children and it's highly effective.

4 Reasons to Start Your Child on WINK to LEARN Flashcard DVDs:

(1) Most COST-EFFECTIVE education tool for parents to begin their children on both English and Chinese


(3) CAPTIVATING: Every word is tagged along with a real-life picture or video. More than 1200 awesome pictures and videos for your child's enjoyment

(4) Highly EFFECTIVE in helping your child to recognise both English and Chinese words - using bright colours to differentiate Chinese radicals/symbols and English syllables/words.

After watching just 1 to 2 lessons a day over a period of 6 months, your child will be able to recognise more than 500 words, phrases and sentences, hence move on to storybooks and more!

Buy from our official online shop @ We absorb airmail shipping costs for any orders from US$20 and above. We also ensure that our DVDs are 100% compliant to the standards of your country. For example: USA - NTSC (Region-free) and Hongkong - PAL (Region-free).

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