Zalp – Transform your enterprise with a breakthrough approach to employee referrals

ZALP is a unique SAAS based recruitment tool designed to help organizations

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Princeton, NJ – In the world of recruiting, employee referrals are widely viewed as the best way to source high-quality candidates. With the release of ZALP (, a SaaS based social employee referral software; organizations can now automate and streamline every aspect of their employee referral program while at the time same integrate it with the potent potential of social recruitment using its advanced social media capabilities.

With ZALP, organizations can now implement their comprehensive social recruitment campaigns and employee referral programs through a single interface.

Each of ZALP’s features have been specifically developed to give organizations a new and innovative employee referral platform that drastically accelerates employee participation which in turn results in a considerable reduction in their cost per hire and time to fill.

The features of ZALP have so uniquely been devised that the referral process for employees has been simplified to just a click of a mouse.

The features of ZALP include:

ZALP Track: This enables real-time status tracking on the referral progress thus generating transparency at every stage for employees.

ZALP Quick Refer: With this employees can now refer their connections to open jobs with just a click. ZALP gives employees not one but five different convenient ways to make referrals.

ZALP Analyze: ZALP enables recruiters to track the performance of their referral program through detailed analytics making it the perfect online recruitment system.

ZALP Share: This enables organizations to increase the reach of their referral program by empowering employees to share the unique job links on their social networks. The ZALP share feature allows you to explore the full potential of recruitment through social media.

ZALP Notify: This feature ensures that the recruiters as well as the employees are well updated on the entire job circuit and referral process within the organization making ZALP the perfect employee referral software.

ZALP Match: This feature empowers employees with the most relevant referral suggestions to a job out of their own social network connections making the referral process convenient and fun for employees.

ZALP Quick Add: This allows you to instantly on-board all your employees to ZALP with just a click.

Considering ZALP operates in the SAAS model (software -as-a-service) organizations do not have to go through the cumbersome hassles of integration and implementation. Organizations with even a global presence can effortlessly adopt ZALP without having to go through any elaborate integration process.

Arthur Raguette , EVP of Verdantis – One of the leading companies in Master data management has been using ZALP for the past 6 months and says ‘’ ZALP has transformed our employee referral program to give us 50% more referrals every month. Even the employees who have never made referrals before are now actively referring thanks to ZALP’s extremely user friendly interface. We have infact stopped using recruitment agencies to a very large extent since the quantity and quality of referrals coming in has drastically increased.’’

ZALP effectively leverages social networks to accelerate the referral process, making it seamless for corporate recruitment professionals to build enterprise-wide programs.

Amit Sharma , Head of Recruitment at Zycus Inc - The world leader in procurement solutions says ‘’ It is amazing how ZALP has automated our entire referral program. Not only has employee participation increased considerably but it has also resulted in our cost per hire and time to fill being reduced by over 30%.’’

The interesting thing about ZALP is that it is a highly scalable tool and can be seamlessly used by organizations having as low 100 to even as high as 10000+ employees.

ZALP offers a free demo for its prospective clients. It can be requested for by visiting

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