Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery Offering Several Surgical Options for OSA

A leading plastic surgery center in Houston offers a number of surgical options for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Online PR News – 09-May-2013 – Houston,Texas – Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery, a well-known plastic surgery center in the U.S, offers a number of surgical options for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). According to the plastic surgery center, though a nasal CPAP machine is the most common first course of treatment for OSA, compliance with the device is challenging and even people who regularly use the machine, use it only half of the recommended time. So, they recommend surgical treatment.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment – Surgical Options Available

The Obstructive Sleep Apnea surgical solutions offered at Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery address the fundamental anatomic cause of night-time airway obstruction and can do away with or reduce any need for CPAP.

• Tonsillectomy - Removal of adenoids and tonsils is the first course of treatment for OSA in children and is successful in more than 60 percent of these patients.

• Tracheostomy – In this a hole made in the windpipe of the neck functions in such a way as to bypass the location of upper airway obstruction. The majority of patients would be able to resolve their symptoms and would notice improvements in their sleep patterns following this procedure.

• Genioglossus advancement – The muscles of the tongue base are pushed forward on a small portion of bone connected to the mandible. This enables enlargement of the hypopharyngeal airway and is frequently blended with other surgical procedures to fix a small airway.

• Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) – This surgery is advantageous to patients who have too much soft tissue of the uvula and soft palate, which is recognized by a blend of direct physical examination whether or not there is an endoscopic airway evaluation.

• Distraction osteogenesis – It is a common method of treatment for young children and neonates with extreme skeletal abnormalities that may cause airway obstruction.

• Hyoid myotomy – This surgery too maneuvers the muscles of the tongue base forward, enabling pulling away of the tongue base from the back of the throat and increase in size of the airway.

• Maxillomandibular Advancement (MMA) –The bones of both the lower and upper jaw are cut and advanced forward. This procedure helps to treat OSA by physically enlarging the airway and also facilitating constant tension for the airway muscles, which brings down their “floppy” quality.

About Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery

Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery is a leading plastic surgery center in Houston, Texas. The center’s goal is to provide quality care to its patients using modern plastic surgery technology. Dr. Sean Boutros, an acclaimed plastic surgeon, and Dr. Jason Hall manage the facility. More information about the establishment and its obstructive sleep apnea solutions is available from www.hpcsurgery.com.