20,000 at Bristol National Vegetarian Week Festival Event No Problem for Police and Tourist Board

Interest in Vegan diets has doubled in the UK since 2011 and there is likely to be a record number of visitors to The National Vegetarian Week, 10th Anniversary Bristol Vegfest Festival. Local chefs are encouraged to attend and get up to speed with latest innovations.

Online PR News – 08-May-2013 – May 2013 Bristol UK – Visitors are expected from all over the world to Bristol Vegfest as international interest in vegan diets sees a dramatic increase. Visitors to other Vegfests this year is 40% up, traffic on www.Vegfest.co.uk has trebled and exhibition space and stalls were sold out in record time.

Local concerns that the Bristol tourist industry restaurants, hotels and cafes will not cope and that more police will be needed have been stoutly refuted by Vegfest organisers. Also denied are the rumours that there will be panic buying of hummus in Bristol City and entry of mounted police to Harbourside will be refused.

Vegfest is confident record numbers of visitors will not be a problem. Tim Barford director of Vegfest UK Bristol says “Everything is carefully planned with the council and the police, the live music in the evening with Happy Mondays, Caravan Palace, The Farm, The Abyssinians, 808state etc is ticket only so no surprises there. We also have a crack security team well rehearsed in thwarting problems before they occur. The only likely problem, outside our area of responsibility, is the hotels coping with the extra demand for accommodation and vegan breakfasts. There may well be a shortage of hummus and chips in the City that weekend but there will be all kinds of delicious food at Vegfest to make up for it”

Confusion over the Police horse ban may stem from Vegfest’s strict policy on animal products, a dog ban and Vegfest team T-Shirts that proudly proclaim Vegfest is 100% horsemeat free (but may contain nuts). “That’s more horseplay than horse ban” says Tim “but of course there’s no horse meat, it’s a vegetarian festival. However there’s no shortage of plant based cheese-burgers, sausages, vegan fish and chips, pies, bacon butties, dairy free pizzas, kebabs and other traditional festival delights in addition to gourmet and raw food options. That’s the point of Vegfest to prove that even if you love meat you don’t have to give up the flavour and fun of it we have healthier, more sustainable, alternatives in abundance!”

“This year Bristol Vegfest celebrates it’s 10th anniversary there’s absolutely no way we are going to risk the continued success of future Bristol Vegfests by telling the police or anyone else how to do their job.”

The one exception could be chefs in the South West .

Vegan Cookbook author Tony Bishop-Weston says “Chefs are struggling to keep up with the pace of change and innovations in vegetarian and vegan food. As veganism has doubled in the UK the profile of a typical vegan diner has changed too. New veganic consumers expect more, and are less tolerant of getting less for more money than long term vegans who are happy to just be invited in. Bristol Vegfest is a perfect opportunity for the Somerset, Wiltshire and Avon chefs to get up to speed with what’s happening in the real world outside their kitchens”

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