New Wire Marine Acquires New Tool For Entrance into OEM Switch Panel Market

New Wire Marine, a marine electrical system design company, announced today its has acquired new Computer Numerical Control (CNC) tool that will allow the company to expand into the OEM switch panel market.

Online PR News – 07-May-2013 – Charleston, SC – New Wire Marine, the Charleston, S.C. based marine electrical system designer, has purchased a new, high-tech, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting tool that has allow the company to enter the commercial switch panel market.

Because the company’s new CNC machine is able to cut any shape with high precision on a 2D surface It enables New Wire Marine to raster engrave stunning graphics and detailed logos and text into their switch panels and boat breaker panels.

New Wire Marine hopes to fill a very large gap in the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) switch panel market by becoming an affordable vendor and leading supplier of custom switch panels to smaller boat builders. "We are really excited to bring logo engraving and backlighting capability to our boat manufacturer customers," said New Wire Marine owner, Eric Steele. "So far the feedback we've been getting is extremely positive. We've been helping the do-it-yourself marketplace for years. I'm excited to be able to offer these great products to smaller commercial boat builders.”

Most vendors in the business will only supply large quantities of a single panel and they don't have the logo engraving and backlighting process that the engineers at New Marine have developed, Steele said. Small builders, however, will find that with New Wire Marine there are no minimum quantities, they accept requests for variations in panel design (such as switch label and position) and will even help a client completely re-design a panel layout.

Weve been helping the do-it-yourself marketplace for years. Im excited to be able to offer these great products to smaller commercial boat builders.

The new CNC equipment in New Wire Marine's tool bag was a key element in the company's decision to enter the commercial switch plate market because it makes it possible for New Wire Marine to cut switch panel substrates in house and allows rapid prototyping and quick turnaround times on custom products. It also is key in the company's ability to produce high-end custom marine switch plates for the small to medium sized boat builders that have been neglected by switch panel manufacturers in the past.

"This machine is incredible; accurate to four thousandths of an inch,” said Steele. “The products that our reverse engraving process is putting out have truly been incredible. I'm impressed every time I see a part pulled out of the machine."

Steele said the transition involved in integrating this high tech tool into his business was fitting, in no small part due to the fact that he holds a degree in electrical engineering and is an experienced System of Systems (SoS) engineer for the shipbuilding industry. In addition, he is an avid boat restoration hobbyist with a passion that continues to drive him and his business to develop innovative products.

New Wire Marine plans to introduce more than 75 new custom and semi-custom switch panel layouts, quadrupling its inventory. These will be able in matte black, white and a carbon fiber looking material, as well as other colors and styles for custom orders.

While New Wire Marine appears to be ahead of the curve on the technology front, it also is employing the same forward-thinking approach to customer service. The company has created a new webpage for customers where they can obtain instant online quotes for a custom-made boat switch panels.

New Wire Marine also will engrave and backlight logos and boat names into the switch panels at prices that no other supplier in the industry can match; a perfect match for the small to medium sized boat builder. Their product lines also extends beyond boating as the company will make panels for any industry such as RV's, ATV's, golf carts or just about anything that will look and function more effectively with a custom switch panel.

New Wire Marine has been successful in capturing the attention of their target market among small to medium sized boat builders who welcome the arrival of a reliable vendor of affordable OEM marine grade switch panels. Their competitive pricing and quick turnaround time will go a long way toward continuing to raise the national profile of this marine electrical system design company.

For more information about New Wire Marine visit their website or call 704-740-5179.

About New Wire Marine: New Wire Marine is a marine electrical system design company offering precision engineered yet customizable and affordable products to their clients nationwide. The company delivers professional grade marine products and parts to the DYI market and small and medium boat builders and boat yards.

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