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Direct deposit payroll and other electronic transfers using’sezAch Deposit Software are faster with new data import function. Learn more at

Online PR News – 07-May-2013 – Denver, CO –’s software developers have just unleashed the most up to date and innovative version to EzACH direct deposit software. The new edition offers new import features that take the hassle out of direct deposits and electronic transfers. Small business customers can now import transaction data from an external .csv file in a snap. This new update with import capabilities will also improve integration of ezAch direct deposit software with other great software such as ezPaycheck payroll software and ezCheckPrinting check writer, all of which are from

Saving clients’ time and money, this direct deposit software, ezAch creates an ACH (automated clearing house) file to send an employee’s paycheck electronically to the bank and authorize funds to be electronically transferred to the employee’s bank account. EzACH developers are confident that this new import feature will enable businesses to pay employees easier and collect money faster.

“The new data import functions of ezAch direct deposit software eliminates the need to enter data manually, each pay period,” said founder Dr. Ge. “Now our customers can save even more time and money when it comes to processing payroll.”

Paying vendors is also a headache when having to process checks manually. EzACH allows transferring of funds electronically to not only pay vendors, but to collect from customers and pay taxes as well. ezAch Deposit Software is compatible with all Windows 32-bit and 64-bit systems running Windows 98 or later versions. EzAch can also be run on Mac computers with Virtual Machine or Parallels installed.

Affordable and flexible, ezAch can be downloaded for a free 14-day trial.
Customers can download ezAch Deposit Software without cost or obligation and test drive the software for 14 days. This enables customer to examine all its features and ensure it meets the needs of their business before purchasing. To unlock ezAch for unlimited use, users simply return to the web site to purchase a license key for just $199 per installation. Both the software download and license key are available online at

EzAch is priced for affordability for any size business. Customers can now take advantage of its many time and money saving features. No more lost payments or uncashed checks. EzAch clients can have confidence that payroll and vendor checks reach the recipients’ bank accounts and each payment is accounted for instantly.

EzAch has now joined’s products in user friendly compatibility with other software from The software’s graphical interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for customers without much computer experience or accounting background. Instructions walk new customers step-by-step through the process of importing payment and bank data from either ezPaycheck, ezCheckPrinting or a .csv file exported from other software to create the ACH files and send them electronically to the company’s bank. EzAch Deposit Software supports multiple bank origination accounts and multiple payment formats, including ARC, CCD, CCD+, POP, PPD, RCK, REL, and WEB SEC.

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