Ideal Engines & Gearboxes To Sell Rotary Engines Online

Ideal Engines and Gearboxes has added the rotary engines for Mazda R Series (RX-7 and RX-8) in their for sale range. Customers can buy these replacement engines in used, reconditioned and new conditions at very competitive prices.

Online PR News – 07-May-2013 – Barking – Although it is an internal combustion engine but rotary works on totally different principle than your usual piston engines. In a piston engine, each job - intake, compression, combustion and exhaust – is performed by cylinder. However in rotary engine’s case, each process is completed by a dedicated cylinder at its own in the separate part of the housing. The design was created by Dr. Felix Wankel, therefore rotary engine has the alias of Wankel engine or Wankel rotary engine.

Mazda was the first car manufacturer to use rotary engines in production cars in 19767. Later it was used in trucks and buses as well. The 1978 RX-7 remained the most successful car with a rotary under the bonnet. The relatively new model in the RX-Series by Mazda is the RX-8 is powered by a rotary engine named RENESIS. The RX-8 is also a very popular car due to its sporty sleek design with practical features like small back doors which are rare in sports cars. This 1.3 liter two rotor engine is capable of generating massive 250 horsepower. This naturally aspirated RENESIS won the International Engine of the Year 2003 award.

Ideal Engines and Gearboxes have added a new search widget on their website that allows users to choose and place an order for their required car part, whether it is an engine or a small engine part, very easily. The whole database can be searched by just entering the registration number of the car (for UK buyers only) for which the replacement engine or part is required. The inventory can also searched by entering the make, model and year details of a car. This new feature provides a very user friendly experience for site visitors. Owners of Mazda RX-Series cars with troubled engines can go online now and buy engines for their cars on Ideal’s site.

About is a website by Ideal Engines and Gearboxes. The company is based in Essex, United Kingdom and supplies replacement car engines and other parts like gearboxes, engine ancillaries etc. The used engines by this company are sourced from very low mileage cars. The reconditioned engines are the engines which have been brought back to as ‘new condition’ by opening it all up and then replacing any parts which even have a tiny bit of a problem. If fitted by the company, all engines come with an unlimited six months warranty as standard. Ideal Engines can arrange a pick up from anywhere within the mainland UK. Although the prices are already realistically competitive, there is also a 15% discount for online buyers.