DoshDelivery Train Customer Service Team As Part of Their Responsible Lending Practice.

Reputable short term UK lender, DoshDelivery are continuing with their plans and improvements to the service they provide customers. As responsible lenders, they recently offered further training to their Customer Service teams.

Online PR News – 07-May-2013 – London – Many people today are suffering from finanicial difficulties. Some of these difficulties are temporary whilst others may be in much longer term financial crisis with mounting debts to deal with. Financial problems can cause extreme stress, especially if there seems to be no help available.

DoshDelivery, the reputable and trusted UK lender, are determined to continue to practice responsible lending by offering as much information to customers who enquire about borrowing options.

The company recently re-trained their Customer Service team to ensure they are offering the correct advice to potential borrowers.

Whilst a payday loan is much easier to access than a traditional bank loan, DoshDelivery understand the need to make sure borrowers understand the short term nature of these types of loans.

Information they provide makes it clear that these are not loans suitable for addressing longer term financial problems. For enquires from individuals with serious debt problems, the company are suggesting they speak to Credit advisors or the Citizens Advice Bureaux.

For customers who are eligible to apply for a short term loan they are advising care and consideration be taken prior to completing the application. Customers are being directed to the terms and conditions and to consider whether they can afford a short term loan and repay it when required.

By adding these extra measures to provide advice and support, the company hope to show their customers they are there to help and assist.

Short term cash advances are not designed to be long term loans. These types of loans, if not paid back within the agreed time, can be expensive.

The company make it clear, via their improved information on the website and via their dedicated and committed customer service team, that their loans are for people who simply require access to cash quickly and for a very short period of time.

As a result of these further improvements to information provision and guidance for potential lenders, DoshDelivery are maintaining their position as one of the most trusted UK short term lenders.

Customer feedback suggests that they are happy with the service they receive from DoshDelivery and if a financial emergency arose again, they would consider taking out another short term payday loan.

Customers are also reporting they have found the Customer Services team extremely helpful and able to answer all their questions. They were particularly complimenatary about the advice given regarding calculating the cost of a loan to ensure borrowers could afford to repay it by the specified date.

The DoshDelivery website has also been praised highly. Customers report the site as easy to use and navigate, with the important information clear and understandable. They also praised the simple application process which took minutes online and was easy and straightforward to complete. The website has been designed to be clear and easy to use. It is a well-designed, uncluttered site providing the correct information clearly, in simple English. Loan applications are dealt with quickly and with minimum fuss in terms of additional paperwork or checks, customers are happy to report.

Whilst the DoshDelivery are pleased with the positive feedback they are receiving form customers, they plan to ensure their improvements and customer care practices continue. They see their role as one to provide clear information about the financial services they provide and to lend responsibly at all times.

Clearly they take their position as one of the UK leading short term lenders very seriously.