Chitrak Shah Offers Better Management With Innovative Sketches For Shivalik Group And Platinum Hotel

There should be no compromise in the design and the requirements as you expect. This comes as a basic quality desired in any builder you consider.

Online PR News – 07-May-2013 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, – India, 7th May, 2013- You would have heard of Chitrak Shah who is a sparkling figure in the real estate and business. There is so much to talk about his contributions and strong step stones set. He is indeed an asset in this area of business and is a great example for many aspiring business entrants of this generation. There is so much of pedigree that is reflected in the excellent business developments delivered. He is an established business icon in Ahmedabad; the imperial class work’s helps to shine throughout the nation or reach even more. The hotel and the chain of business set ups reflect the superiority in the designing.

There are many challenges open in the real estate and other commercial projects for Shivalik group too. You see a lot of people as well as organizations claiming to be the best and doing nothing about the benefits of the clients dependent on them. So, it would be wise to inspect some of the earlier projects before handling a builder your valuable project. The time factor has to be given importance too. This has to be taken into account along with the quality in here. There should be no compromise in the design and the requirements as you expect. This comes as a basic quality desired in any builder you consider. Reputation and experience are also important in this area.

Chitrak Shah comes into play with amazing commercial projects that maintains the standard as well as requirements in an appreciable way. This builder does this with experience and expertise in the field. They have accomplished in fields like real estate and prominent infrastructure buildings. There are modernity and technology well used in the buildings crafted. They deliver services worth the money spent by the clients. The company expands with the hard work and dedication they put in. There is no easier way into this level of the establishment. He has a vision to go globally envisaged and be different from the many out there in this business area.

“The builder Chitrak Shah tries to play with newer innovative approaches. The business is established in Ahmedabad, the emerging business capital of the state of Gujarat. This has Shivalik Projects that have a reputation among this class of organizations with the hard work and talent shown by him. He has delivered well known quality services and ethical interaction visible in his projects. This is branded by ISO: 9001 to remark the esteem quality handled and reflected. There are records created in real estate and other commercial set ups undertaken. You are assured of better services from this group without doubt; there is valued service delivered for sure. What he tries to do and say matches perfectly.” – describes a senior Spokesperson from Platinum Group.

Chitrak Shah has large scale projects managed in a really appreciable way. The builder Chitrak Shah has got talent in having time efficient designs pleasing the clients. That is what is lacking in the mist of the builders available for an option. You have plenty of modern options clubbing in the plans

For more information on projects handled by Chitrak Shah, visit, This would indeed be helpful in learning about his talents. The experience too is reflected in the works handled.

Contact Information:

Spokesperson:- Chitrak Shah
Shivalik Projects,
B/s Satellite Police Station,
Ahmedabad 380 015,
Gujarat, India.
Phone: +91 79 4020 0000
Fax: +91 79 4020 0099