House Painter San Antonio Homeowners Voted "Best Overall" Reaches New Milestone

Rio City Painting, recently voted 'Best Overall' in the San Antonio 'house painter' category by local homeowners, and member of the Best San Antonio Painters industry group, just passed a new milestone by completing its 500th residential painting project. Rio City owner Randy Fiorenza spoke about achieving this significant accomplishment after only four years in the business, and the special qualities it takes today to be an industry leader in the highly competitive local painting contractor field.

Online PR News – 08-May-2013 – Beverly Hills – ( -- May 2, 2013) San Antonio, TX -- Randy Fiorenza smiled with pride as the last drop cloth was picked up and aluminum ladder carried out. "We did it!" he shouted as he congratulated his crew on the successful completion of his latest residential painting job.But it wasn't just another job coming to completion for him. It was, in fact, the 500th residential painting job he and his crew had worked on together. Fiorenza, owner of Rio City Painting, had just reached yet another important milestone for the four year-old company he founded in 2009."Back when we got started, we weren't always sure how this was going to work out, being just another house painters San Antonio. But four years later, I think we've gotten a pretty good idea," Fiorenza said. "All I knew back then was, if you work hard, charge fair prices, do a quality job, and give your customers what they want, you will be successful. Well, I've followed that simple formula, and I can tell you it has really worked for me and my business."Since 2009, Fiorenza's Rio City Painting company has gone on to become one of the city's premier painting contractors. Growth has come steadily but not to the point where it could overwhelm Fiorenza and his staff of painting professionals. "Most of our work has come from personal referrals, with each satisfied customer telling someone else about us," Fiorenza continued. "When you develop a solid 5-star professional reputation like that, more business just seems to flow to you. We're grateful to our clients and all the nice things people say about us."Other things have helped Fiorenza grow his painting business. They've added a number of new services including residential remodeling, light commercial build out, and outdoor construction of decks, pergolas, and patios. Frequently during painting projects, other requirements surface that the owners would like to go ahead and get taken care of at the same time, and Fiorenza wants to be their convenient one-stop contractor shop."Whenever a homeowner wants to upgrade their property with a new coat of interior or exterior paint, or a business owner needs an office building, apartment complex, or warehouse painted, we want them to think of us," Fiorenza says. "Even though residential and light commercial painting projects are our specialty, we also help our clients with kitchen and bath remodeling, door and window replacements, and light construction work. Our job is to help them improve and protect their homes and buildings, some of their most expensive and valuable assets."This approach obviously has a lot to do with their being named one of the best house painting contractors in the city. When asked what the future holds in store for Rio City Painting, Fiorenza just smiled. "Like I said, we have a pretty good idea, but ask us again later - after we've painted another 500 homes."The Best San Antonio Painters consortium includes Randy Fiorenza and Rio City Painting, the San Antonio house painters homeowners recently voted "Best Overall". For more information, Fiorenza can be reached either by phone or by sending an email to . The Best San Antonio Painters11550 W Interstate 10 San Antonio, TX 78230Phone: (210) 853-2552