Mocap Source introduces a new and improved motion capture source!

Their mission is to free budget-constrained animation and video game studios so they can be more expressive in their story telling. They provide ready-to-use motion capture clips suitable for background characters or basic actions by hero characters.

Online PR News – 08-May-2013 – Greater Los Angeles, California – Mocap Source, Inc. introduces a new and improved motion capture (mocap) resource that seeks to help smaller animation studios without mocap capabilities remain competitive in the animation and gaming industries, by allowing them to free up much needed resources by supplying them with generic action and movement data files, downloadable upon purchase.
According to Mocap Source, the market currently has a few such mocap libraries providing a similar product for free. However, the free product falls very short of market needs. These products are of low quality, limited movement range, narrow scope, and are often limited to not-for-profit uses. By providing reusable, generic actions, studios will be able to allocate their resources to more project-specific areas of their production. Mocap Source aims to fill a market gap in an industry that continues to be pushed for faster deliveries and lower costs.
Animation and gaming studios will benefit by saving time and money. The actions will be readily available with the click of a button and downloadable to the personal computer of their choice through a link. The scenes will be delivered in the form of a digital file which the animator can start working on immediately. The actions will have a price point low enough to save the animation studios in cost.
The animation and gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries facilitated by the rapid advancement of technology. The expansion of the animation industry has impelled enterprises to shift focus from output to quality. At the same time, living expenses (and thereby studio’s overhead) are going up while there is a pressure to bring bid quotes down. Due to these forces, studios are looking to cut costs where ever they can. Furthermore, animation and game studios are in constant struggle to bring the “days-to-market” down to a minimum.
As the industry’s competition rises, there is more pressure on studios to improve the quality of their output while at the same time reduce costs. Mocap Source’s product is designed to save studios time and money so they can better meet those deliveries and lower costs through instant delivery of the data files at competitive prices.
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