Insights: 800 Students Across the Country Surveyed on Laptop Usage and Preferences

Survey highlights:
•800 students in 18-27 years age bracket primarily in second years of graduation from engineering, economics, law & other streams were surveyed
•“Durability” becomes their first demand in second purchase

Online PR News – 08-May-2013 – New Delhi – New Delhi, April 30, 2013: PCQuest, one of the leading IT magazines, recently commissioned this extensive survey to explore the usage and preferences of the youth. The target group was laptop users in the 18-27 age bracket, primarily in second year of graduation from engineering, economics, law and other colleges, of which half of them were using their first laptop and the other half were seasoned users i.e. they had 'graduated' to their second machine, and in a few cases their third or more. The survey bears a national character owing to the fact that 800 students from across the country were surveyed. Around 100-120 students from top 3-4 ranked college and universities in seven major cities - Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai & Pune - were approached for exhaustive face-to-face interactions.
The results of the survey were showed on PCQuest website and NDTV Gadget Guru program recently and can be accessed on below.

PCQuest website
NDTV Gadget Guru Program

Toshiba being the first to come up with laptops essentially means that the brand has spent longer time in research & development as compared to others. It has a range of light and thin laptop models that suit the usage and preferences of the youth in accordance with the survey findings. For example Toshiba Z930 Ultrabook is high on durability, long battery life and operational stability or reliability - some of the desired factors when it comes to laptop purchase. Optimized for entertainment, the Toshiba Satellite U840W with its cinematic ultra-wide 21:9 display (world's first) is an Ultrabook ideal for HD films. Laptops open doors to so many things and Toshiba is one of the finest to knock.
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