The Next HIV Reservoirs and Cure Workshop Program Is Available

The “International Workshop on HIV Persistence during Therapy” is the reference meeting on HIV persistence, HIV reservoirs, HIV latency and new strategies towards an HIV cure.

Online PR News – 08-May-2013 – Toulon – Toulon, Var, France., May 06, 2013 -- For 10 years now, a group of international scientists meet every 2-year in December to study HIV reservoirs and find an HIV cure. HIV reservoirs are cells where HIV remains despite years of suppressive anti-retroviral therapy, allowing active viral replication to rekindle each time this therapy is stopped. These reservoirs remain stable on antiretroviral therapy because HIV is incorporated in the cells’ genome where it can remain silent. Understanding the nature and the mechanisms that allow HIV persistence in these reservoirs is a key issue before finding therapeutic strategies to destroy them.

However, great strides have been achieved over the last 10 years and potential targets have been identified to try to reduce these persistent HIV reservoirs. One of these approaches, currently in clinical trials, is to reactivate silent HIV in these cells with drugs like vorinostat or panobinostat, in the presence of antiretroviral therapy, in order to “purge” these cells. Another approach is initiating antiretroviral therapy at acute HIV infection, allowing a “functional HIV cure” in around 15 percent of patients once antiretroviral therapy is stopped. A functional cure is a state where HIV is not eradicated from the body but is controlled by it without causing damages. The third approach currently in clinical trials is gene therapy.

The “International Workshop on HIV Persistence during Therapy” is the reference meeting on HIV persistence, HIV reservoirs, HIV latency and new strategies towards an HIV cure. The 6th edition will take place in Miami (Fl, USA) on December 3-6, 2013. The Steering and the Scientific Committees contain recognized scientists in the field from the USA, Europe and Australia. Researchers, clinicians and pharmacologists can register in order to share their data and define new avenues. This meeting is the only one driven by science and focused on the discussion of new, yet unpublished results.

The Steering Committee of the HIV reservoirs workshop is pleased to announce that the advanced program of the next edition of the workshop is now available. Each session will begin by 2 short lectures given by invited speakers, followed by presentation of new data from selected abstracts.

The committee has defined the following topics as key issues to move towards HIV cure:
-Basic mechanisms of HIV latency
-Assays to measure HIV persistence
-In vivo and in vitro models of HIV persistence
-Clinical virology of HIV persistence
-Anatomic and non-CD4 cell reservoirs
-Immunology of HIV persistence
-Pharmacology of HIV persistence
-Drug discovery
-Acute HIV Infection and functional cure
-New therapeutic strategies

People working in the field of HIV are invited to register and submit an abstract. The workshop will gather around 250 participants and no video broadcast of the sessions will be available at its end.

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