LogicMonitor Offers Application Monitoring Systems that Ensure Trouble-Free Performance

Leading online datacenter monitoring solutions provider offers application monitoring services to meet the monitoring needs of datacenters of any size.

Online PR News – 06-May-2013 – Santa Barbara – LogicMonitor offers application monitoring designed to integrate all areas of controlling the 24/7 uptime and performance of online systems into a single streamlined solution. According to the company, the service can be used to monitor various parts of your infrastructure and help cut costs significantly while enhancing the levels of monitoring efficiency significantly.

“With so many companies moving parts of their operations to virtualized environments, it’s critical that they have an effective, easy-to-use monitoring solution to head off problems before they start,” said LogicMonitor CEO Steve Francis. “using LogicMonitor as an application monitoring solution is the most easy-to-use and comprehensive solution out there.”

The concept behind these services is to spare the staff of the pressure of manually maintaining the systems and to help them focus on core business activities instead. LogicMonitor offers automated solutions that monitor, alert, and report on all aspects connected with the health and performance of your IT infrastructure. The devices are designed to proactively alert staff about any problems that may affect the performance of the systems.

The best thing about these advanced monitoring systems is that it is completely user-friendly and can be handled by personnel of any level from a C-level decision maker to an IT expert. The tools can be used to monitor all types of applications regardless of their types. They can also monitor databases, DNS servers, mail MTAs, Java and Java applications, rail applications, web servers, and more. In fact, the health of your entire IT system can be kept under a close watch.

If you add a new device to your system, the application monitoring tools can detect and monitor it within seconds using AutoDiscovery and templates defined by industry best practices. It starts graphing and trending data automatically. LogicMonitor also offers the best software for VMware monitoring using the native API supervise ESX performance counters. The software provides high quality performance data and intelligence as well as unmatched visibility into the VMware environment.

LogicMonitor offers comprehensive Cisco switch monitoring which automatically detects, scans, and monitors your switches. The tool gives you instant visibility into all BGP sessions, active interfaces, modules and cards and their respective memory and CPU, temperature sensors and all QoS policies and lots more.

LogicMonitor application monitoring software mines more data, and delivers more visibility and updates in real time than any other product. They also offer simple dashboard customization.

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