Albany Distributing Promotes Businesses on 'Companies We Love' Page as a Value-added Service

In keeping with their “advocacy” spirit, Albany Distributing recommends products and suppliers whom it has had successful experiences. This pre-screening and recommendation effort is part of the Albany Distributing “Companies We Love” program.

Online PR News – 07-May-2013 – Rochester, NY – Albany Distributing, a leading North American wholesale distributor of consumer electronics, voice, and converged communications products, helps customers in other ways than supply products. In keeping with their “advocacy” beliefs, Albany Distributing lists companies in which it has done business with and had successful outcomes on its "Companies We Love" page on the website. There aren’t any kickbacks of any kind; the program is simply to pass along helpful connections of companies that have, in essence, been pre-screened, found to be reliable, and trusted from a reputable source.

"We already have a strong connection with our customers," says Gerry Manzari, CEO of Albany Distributing, "so why not look out for them in other areas that might be helpful to them?" Relationship selling takes on new meaning in light of this program. In order for a company to be included in the “Companies We Love” page, they must have conducted business with Albany Distributing. In most cases, it is usually high-dollar amounts or over a long-term period. In addition, the companies need to be reliable, easy to work with, trustworthy, provide good product or service, deliver the product or service as expected, and have a strong working relationship with Albany Distributing.

"If we have a great experience with a business, we want to share that information and pass it along as a value-added service to our customers,” explains Manzari. “We’ve already pre-screened the businesses, and if the product or solution helped us, surely it can help our customers.” From website programming assistance; logo design; SEO/marketing services; IT service, etc. the “Companies We Love” page features the companies Albany Distributing uses, trusts, and recommends.

The company doesn’t get any kickbacks or any type of other incentive. “Word-of-mouth advertising is powerful, and we believe that companies that have treated us well should be recognized, and placing them on our “Companies We Love” page is one way to extend our thanks to them,” notes Manzari. “Sharing these companies with our customers is important because we want them to benefit from these reputable companies too saving them time and frustration.”

To learn more about Albany Distributing or the “Companies We Love” program, contact Gerry at 315.712.0200, gmanzari [at], or visit the "Companies We Love" page.

About Albany Distributing
Albany Distributing is a leading North American wholesale distributor of consumer electronics, voice, and converged communication products, offering more than 15,000 products from more than 450 brand name manufacturers. For more information, call the toll free sales number at 800.296.0820 or visit the Albany Distributing website. Albany Distributing is a subsidiary of Five Star Choice, LLC.