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Summer is almost here and millions need a fast solution to lose some pounds before they show up on the beach. EarthWell Green coffee supplements can help.

Online PR News – 05-May-2013 – New York/New York – As summer is quickly approaching, millions of people are looking for a fast way to lose those unwanted extra pounds before they hit the beach. To respond to the huge demand Earthwell just launched their new fat burner, pure green coffee bean extract with GCA supplement. And to celebrate this event they offer a promotion this week with a 55% discount (on top of the regular 40% discount).

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Green coffee is a unique natural element that has been proven to help burn fat rapidly. But this has not much to do with coffee as we know it, as these beans are unroasted and prepared in a special powder instead. The powerful antioxidant chemical compound in green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid, but in regular roasted coffee most of it is gone. And caffeine gets produced instead. This is why these green coffee beans are unroasted: they keep all their good healthy elements and have minimum caffeine.

As Dr. Oz said, “This is the fat burner that took the dot world by storm. It is a safe way to sustainably lose the weight”. Vanesta from New York lost 4 pounds and 3 inches off her waist in just 2 weeks without changing her diet or doing extra exercise. “It is very difficult to lose weight, most especially for me, just tracking the calories when you go out to eat. You don’t know what they are putting in foods. But using the supplement was not hard. I ate everything I could possible eat, it was really bad, so I am surprised I lost so much weight in just two weeks.”

EarthWell Green Coffee is proven to work even without any effort and this is why it is so popular among people trying to lose weight before the summer vacations says an EarthWell spokesperson. But according to Dr. Oz if you also maintain a food log while taking the supplements, this could make the results even better by helping you toward a healthier diet. EarthWell follows Dr. Oz specifications: green coffee plus GCA (green coffee antioxidants) supplement, over 45% chlorogenic acid, and only pure natural ingredients (zero fillers, zero binders, zero artificial ingredients).

As EarthWell truly believes in the potency of their green coffee bean extract supplement, they offer this week a 55% discount to all new customers, on top of the current 40% discount.

Simply use coupon code SLIMMER2 when you buy here. If you want to be leaner for the holiday season, now is the time to try this revolutionary green coffee supplement.

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