Original Writing Ireland is Re-Launching With Better Features and User Experience

We are re-launching with a book print and e-book section integrated - Self publishing, print-on-demand books & ebooks. We help get your work into print and publish all genres.

Online PR News – 06-May-2013 – Smithfield, Dublin – Original Writing Ireland is proud to announce that it is re-launching its website with a newly designed look designed to offer authors more features and a better experience than ever before.

Since societies first began, stories have been one of the most popular means of entertaining, informing, and enlightening others. In fact, some of the oldest records ever found are stories of heroes and villains whose actions still inspire countless people today. More than this, however, most people throughout history have never had the chance to save their stories through anything other than oral tradition.

A step that changed humanity forever was taken with the implementation of the printing press, allowing for book printing en masse and ultimately the rapid distribution of material. However, only in modern times has the ability of self publishing truly taken hold and offered a variety of unique opportunities.

Each author has their own experiences, desires, and reasons for looking to self-publish their books, and Original Writing Ireland is set up to support each of these ventures in full. At the small-print run of the spectrum, authors may be looking to create a book that will last their family for generations as part of a personal library. They might have written a family history, collected stories and legends from their area, or simply decided that there are some things they'd like their descendants to know and set about getting a relatively permanent way of informing them.

Others are looking to reach a wider audience. A church or private organization, for example, may want to publish a private manual or set of instructions, without the potential distribution that posting something online could cause. At the high end of print runs, authors may be looking to sell their work to a wide audience and keep most of the profits, which can be particularly valuable for authors who are already known, already have an audience, and want to do things their own way.

Whatever the reasons that an author looking to self publish may have, Original Writing Ireland now offers help and support. All genres are published, from children's poetry to adult memoirs, and Original Writing Ireland is proud to offer a newly redesigned set of informational pages. These simple, straightforward guides are designed to help authors understand the most important elements of self-publishing, such as how long the overall process can be expected to take to important, commonly-asked questions like who holds the rights to the book, what percentage any royalties will be, and what publishing services are actually offered as part of any given publishing package.

Self publishing is a great opportunities for authors both new and experienced, especially those who are focused on a smaller, more dedicated run. With Original Writing Ireland, authors of all kinds can see that their manuscript is printed and bound to their satisfaction without the worries of submitting things to publishing houses that may not even do more than glance at a carefully written proposal.

More information about current publishing packages is available on the Original Writing Ireland website http://www.originalwriting.ie/