" It Takes More Than Technology , Creativity Drives the Internet "

So writes the CEO of ABFY JEWELERS , who is introducing her new Blog at TelecomStraightTalk. The Telecom industry was transformed in 1990 with its conversion resulting in the modern day Internet .

Online PR News – 18-June-2015 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The Telecom industry was transformed in 1990 with the conversion of the preexisting model of telecommunications based on the Arpanet to the 'Information Super Highway' as nicknamed by Vice-President Al Gore.

Those 35 years or older probably remember that the INTERNET was not in use in the 1980's because it did not exist . You also remember Commerce as traveling to a brick and mortar or otherwise wood frame "store" to shop for whatever and returning home . Visit this inventor's blog at TelecomStraightTalk.com and to see indications of just when and how the change(s) occurred within the former telecom structure ( the Arpanet and other "nets"commonly referred to as the "internetting projects " ). After Commerce was introduced into the telecommunications network , the integrated structure that emerged was referred to by only one name , the" Internet ". After 1990 there was a tremendous jump in Internet Providers or ISP ( Internet Service Providers ) because of the additional amount of users including businesses and consumers that began to use the Internet .

The changes not only ushered in the computer age where computers started to become as common as the telephone or radio had been with at least one per household but all kinds of innovation and different types of jobs began to appear . We are forever into the information age now and a female black inventor alleges that her contributions significantly contributed to that . This author alleges that her writings about Commerce - commercializing telecommunications and its impact on growing revenue , the economy , providing jobs and opportunities for other innovations were reviewed by the government and used by the government . Commerce which had been previously frowned upon even prohibited on certain portions of the prior existing telecom structures was adopted by the government as the result of seeing the potential benefits as expressed in the writings of her business method, entitled Accessing Accessibility .

The Accessing Accessibility Process which was a Business Method invented by her and teaches the concept of using computers to transact the exchange of data , services , and goods online - sharing cyberspace as an alternative market or meetingplace revolutionized the telecom industry in the 1990′s leading to the development of the modern day internet which made its debut around 1994. This inventor is fighting for justice in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit .

About ABFY Jewelers:
Company began in 2007 as an affiliate of Diva Diamonds , N.Y. through Commission Junction . The Company diversified in 2007 , selling Timex watches and computer accessories online. CEO has been an integral part of the Internet since its inception and is fighting for her recognition as the inventor that made the difference when her ideas regarding COMMERCIALIZATION produced the Internet .