SWAT Environmental a Big Winner According to Inc Magazine, Others

Tips and information pertaining to the well known SWAT Environmental.

Online PR News – 06-May-2013 – Lansing, MI – Every company strives to provide a high quality of service to customers. This is something that SWAT Environmental has been doing for many years, and will continue to focus on well into the future. Thanks to its top notch customer service, combined with the ability to provide the proper solutions, the company has been featured by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing in all of the United States.

This is a major honor that not many companies are able to stake claim to. Those that make this list find that they are well on their way to the top. This is definitely the case with SWAT Environmental, a company that has been providing top of the line radon mitigation services for many years.

There are many reasons why being named to this list by Inc Magazine is a big deal.

1. Shows that the company is growing at a fast rate. While this may not be the goal of this provider, or other companies, it is something that every provider on the list finds to be true. And of course, growing at a fast rate is a big deal especially in an industry that is this important to both people and the environment.

2. Spreads the word regarding the importance of the company. There is nothing better than finding a way to spread the word about a company that is doing as much good as SWAT. This is something that many companies on the list, especially those in the environmental category, are excited about. They enjoy the fact that this recognition will help spread the word.

3. Great company. As noted above, there are not many companies that get the chance to find themselves on this list. For this reason, it is a big deal to be included.

A rep for SWAT added the following:

"We are happy to find that we have been featured in Inc Magazine. It shows that we are doing things right, and most importantly, that we are able to help others with their problems. We are serious about radon mitigation, and people need to realize that this is something we can help them with."

Inc Magazine is well known as one of the best in the world for featuring established companies as well as those that are just beginning to make a name. Either way, millions of people read this magazine, and the corresponding website, on a monthly basis. With numbers continuing to rise, month after month, it means that a growing number of people will learn more about SWAT as well as the many other companies that have been featured.

Anybody who want to find out more about SWAT can do so by reading about the company in Inc Magazine, or by contacting one of its customer service reps at their earliest convenience.

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