Redfame Publishing Becomes A Member Of The Distinguished Association Of American Publishers

Redfame takes its place among the most honored Academic Publishers in America, and becomes part of the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division.

Online PR News – 06-May-2013 – Beaverton, Oregon – Redfame Publishing was happy to announce that they have become a member of the highly esteemed Association of American Publishers. Becoming a member of this organization is part of Redfame’s committment to furthering the integrity of academic publishing, and the quality of published materials. The AAP has more than 500 members, which can be viewed at:

The Association of American Publishers states that the future of publishing should be decided by the publishers themselves. Members include some world-renown publishers, such as: Wiley, Blackwell Publishing, Elsevier, Springer Publishing Company, SAGE Publications and others. The most effective way of addressing the greatest challenges and professional issues facing publishing today is to join together in the nation’s largest publishers association. The AAP represents the industry’s priorities on policy, legislative and regulatory issues regionally, nationally and worldwide.(

Redfame Publishing has joined the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division, whose members provide the vast majority of books, journals, software and electronic materials used by scholars and professionals in science, medicine, technology, business, law and the humanities. The company reports that they are committed to integrity in scientific research.

In order to ensure that their journals’ contributions to the scientific record are reliable, and meet the ethical standards expected by the global scientific community, they have developed a Code of Ethics to establish standards of behavior. This Code of Ethics applies to editors, authors, and reviewers. (

Redflame Publishing is also pleased to announce that they are a “Green Publisher, which means that they operate environmentally friendly printing equipment, and only use acid-free paper. Acidic chemicals used in paper production have proven to be harmful to the environment. Redflame has placed a huge emphasis on becoming mostly an online publisher, which can eliminate the need for paper altogether.

Management reports that they are also a member of CrossRef, which is an independent membership association, founded and directed by publishers. Their citation-linking network today covers tens of millions of articles and other content items from thousands of scholarly and professional publishers.(

The company also reports that they have switched to eco-friendly light bulbs and lighting systems, and has initiated the recycling of paper, DVD’s, and CD’s. The use of environmentally friendly computers and equipment to reduce CO2, and lower the carbon footprint, clearly shows their commitment to be an environmentally responsible company.

Redfame Publishing will continue to be a leader in academic publishing for many years to come.They specialize in peer-reviewed, open access journals. It is their goal to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on future research. All RedFame journals are published both in print and online versions. The online version is free to access and download.

Complete information is available at: