GRAMMY Awards disrespect Heavy Metal: God Forbid & Anand Clique members try to Remedy

"Despite fan attention, the GRAMMY Awards have refused to properly acknowledge Heavy Metal: God Forbid & Anand Clique members unite to remedy."

Online PR News – 28-May-2010 – – God Forbid guitarist Dallas Coyle and Anand Clique frontman Anand
Bhatt team up to collaborate on a new song for garnering joint support
from fans and colleagues. The result will help validate Heavy Metal as
a musical genre.

There is not a best heavy metal album category in the Grammy Awards.
There is, however obscure, a best Hawaiian Album category. Currently,
out of the 109 Grammy Award Categories only one applies to heavy
metal, and that only of "Best Heavy Metal Performance" (of which past
winners of this award have been Classic Rock bands and not Heavy

Millions of Heavy Metal fans actively purchase music and support
bands, as demonstrated by the warm public reaction to the recent deaths of Ronnie James Dio and Skipknot Bassist Paul Gray, however it appears that the genre is still discounted by awards

GOD FORBID's latest album made the Billboard 200 charts.

This past awards season ANAND CLIQUE was on the first round Grammy
ballot for “Best Metal Performance.” Both Dallas Coyle and Anand
Bhatt have new solo projects emerging this year as well.